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In this article, you'll learn how to say "I love you" in German. You'll see that Germans are quite reserved when it comes to saying these three words. 

However, you'll learn a lot of other phrases, so you'll be ready to talk about love in all kinds of situations, including first dates and weddings.


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Expressing gratitude is a monumentally important thing in any language. In English, we have a ton of ways to say thank you, all with different contexts.

While simply saying thank you works, sometimes you want to go above and beyond to express just how grateful you are to someone.

Bitte schön (or simply just Bitte) is the standard way to say thank you in German but there are plenty of other commonly used colloquial expressions that can serve you well in German.

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Manners Matter: How Do You Say You’re Welcome in German?

They may not be literal magic words, but anyone knows that a little bit of politeness can get you a long way.

These short and simple words and phrases will make sure that you are well received with an eye on being polite.

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Learn how to say good evening in Standard German, Low German and Swiss German. We also teach you the correct pronuncation and what times it is accceptable to say good evening. Read on for more information!

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In this free article, we share with you how to say Grandpa and Grandfather in German with the correct pronunciation. We also give you synonyms and regional differences. Read the article for more information!

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