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Do you want to improve your French vocabulary and become fluent in French faster? Words are the basic building blocks of any language, and vocabulary is one of the fundamental predictors of someone’s education level, occupation, and social status. Unfortunately, most French language learners struggle to increase their vocabulary quickly and effectively, as new vocab goes one into one ear.. and out the other. It’s not that we have difficulties apprehending the vocabulary when we see it. Most people struggle to recall when they have the opportunity to use it, or worse yet, forget to use their French vocabulary frequently...

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“Je m’appelle Claude.” “Je de coup Clow.” “Well, let’s just try it again.” “Je m’appelle Claude.” “Je depli blue.” “Huh, it’s not .. quite what I’m saying.”   Hahaha! Didn't we all crack up every time Joey tried to learn French? Good times. But, today, we are here to talk about you. If you’re a slow learner in French like Joey, my sincerest apologies. The language can seem tough. It is true for most of us monolingual people that whenever we come across someone speaking in French, we’re automatically attracted to them. While that might be the case with every...

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