Bilingual Books

Bilingual Books

A bilingual book, also called a parallel textbook, or interlinear book, provides two translations of the same story, side to side. In this case, one in the language that you are learning, the other in English.
Reading is an excellent exercise when it comes to language learning.
Reading forces you to learn new vocabulary. You get the best results when you read just above your level. The problem is that reading at that level is quite difficult, as there is not much material to practice with. 

If it is too easy, it will be boring, and you won’t learn much. If it is too difficult, you will lose motivation, and not learn much. 

Bilingual books cut these two pitfalls.

You do not have to look up vocabulary you don't know in a dictionary, because the translation is on the other half of the page. This saves you loads of time and frustration.

It makes for a very pleasant reading and language learning experience.

What bilingual books do we have available?

We are publishing new editions of popular books. The stories are rewritten in modern-day simple English. The books are then translated. The translations closely match the original texts. It will be easier for you to learn new vocabulary from context this way.

We also provide the original texts as bilingual editions. Just if you're curious if you can handle the more archaic and prose writings of old.