I am a French teacher and I find this dictionary useful to help me target certain vocabulary. I like that the the words are divided by parts of speech too. The IPA entries help my students remember how to pronounce the words.

J. B. (French 1 - Essential Vocabulary)

After working my way through the first book and memorizing the vocabulary, I can now understand about 80-90% of what I read, like when reading a web pages or the newspaper. A great resource for those who want fluency but don't want to waste time learning vocab that is uncommon and therefore not very useful.

Zoe K. (Italian Frequency Dictionary Collection)

So helpful for getting the most out of your language practice.

Beautifully conceived series. Cannot overstate how excellent these books are.   

D.J. Williams (French Frequency Dictionaries)

I absolutely love this book. Learning the vocabulary of a language based on word frequencies is brilliant! The phonetic entries helped so much with speaking and listening.  I can read pretty much everything right now and I can handle conversations with confidence. I read it on my phone or ipad whenever I have a few minutes to spare. Truly useful!  

Jamie (Italian 1 - Essential Vocabulary)

Fantastic book. I am using it to prepare vocabulary lessons for my students. Very helpful to get them to an acceptable level and to fill in their gaps in knowledge.

Jimmy (Spanish 1 - Essential Vocabulary)