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Learning German has its ups and downs. Horrifyingly long words fall into the category of “downs.” However, you have probably discovered that even the seemingly uncomplicated short German words can cause you trouble.

In today’s article, we will look into how to say down in German. Is it unten, unter, herunter, hinunter, or even nach unten? Or do you need a completely different word, such as abwärts? What about down in phrasal verbs? Don’t worry we won’t let you down. You will learn all that and more in our article!

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Learning how to say one in German will make your life easier when you visit the country and want to order, for example, a bratwurst or a beer. German beer glasses are big, so you might want to start with just one.

The translation of one looks easy enough, but the endings can complicate things a bit. Is it eins, ein, eine, eines, einer, einem, or einen? We will explain the differences in our article and show you proper usage in various example sentences.

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Moms are one of the most special gifts you can receive. Your mom is always there when you need her and loves you unconditionally. In today’s article, you will learn how to say mom in the German language.

Like in English, you can choose from many possible translations depending on how much affection you want to show. Did you know that die Mutter means mother but also a nut? You will learn all that and more in our article!

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Learning German will not take nearly as long as you think. If you want to learn German but don't have the time to invest in long or intensive courses, we have good news for you.


You only need to know the top 1000 German words, to understand 85% of all German used in daily life.


Why should you learn the most common German words?


Learning German can be one of the most challenging languages to perfect. It takes time to:


1) learn the vocabulary


2) understand how German grammar works


3) get fluent


Then you have to put these two together so you can speak, write, listen, and read. Finally, keep practicing, so you reach a certain level of fluency.


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Stay is one of the most common words in English. So, it comes as no surprise that it has many possible translations into other languages. In today’s article, we will look into various ways to say stay in German.

Interestingly, a lot of dog owners who don’t speak a word of German use this language to train their dogs in. One of the most common commands is Bleib! which means "Stay!" in English.

You don't have to own a dog, though, to find learning how to say stay in German helpful. Think of phrases, such as "stay safe" or "stay in touch." These will come in handy in your everyday conversation!

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