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Arguing in a foreign language is extremely challenging. Your emotions take over and make it difficult to remember the most basic grammar rules. And we know that the German language loves its grammar rules!

So, let’s start with something simpler. Learning how to say “yes” in German is also important. In our article, you’ll see that there are many different ways to express agreement in German. So, it isn't as easy as you might have imagined. And don't worry, you'll get some grammar rules, too! It's German, after all.

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Tired after all the language studying and ready to go to bed? Before you do so, don’t forget to read our latest article on how to say “Good night” in German.

You’ll not only learn how to translate "Good night" but also how to answer it or use this expression in idioms and other useful phrases. You’ll see that German terms of endearment are rather endearing.

Also, don't miss a chance to practice the art of German compounding on various sleep-related words, such as Gutenachtgeschichte!

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In our latest German article, you’ll learn how to say “How are you?”. Germans are usually not keen on idle chatter.

However, you’ll learn not only to use Wie geht’s correctly in formal or informal situations, you’ll also be able to answer this question in several different ways.

Add in some slang and various ice-breaking phrases, and you’ll be able to engage just about anyone in small talk!

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In today’s article, we’ll learn three basic forms of negation in German – nein, kein, and nicht. Saying a simple “No” in German is easy. It’s the tricky “not” that can cause problems.

However, after reading this article with all the examples it provides, you’ll see that saying “No” in German is kein Problem anymore.

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In this article, you'll learn how to say "I love you" in German. You'll see that Germans are quite reserved when it comes to saying these three words. 

However, you'll learn a lot of other phrases, so you'll be ready to talk about love in all kinds of situations, including first dates and weddings.


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