Estonian Vocabulary Lessons

Suitable for Every Learner

Suitable for a wide range of learners - from novices and intermediates to advanced students, and even those nearing fluency - our Estonian frequency dictionaries are a goldmine of linguistic knowledge. They house a painstakingly curated list of the most commonly employed Estonian words, complete with English translations and model sentences. This not only assists you in adding new words to your vocabulary but also aids in understanding their contextual usage. Additionally, a dictionary arranged alphabetically is incorporated at the end, offering a handy tool for swiftly locating unfamiliar words.

How to Harness Our Estonian Frequency Dictionaries

1.Pinpoint the dictionary matching your linguistic competence

For beginners venturing into the world of Estonian, our introductory dictionary serves as an excellent starting point. Meanwhile, our intermediate or advanced dictionaries stand ready to push the boundaries for those already possessing a substantial language foundation.

2.Narrow down your focus on the frequency list

Aim to add 10 to 20 new words or phrases to your vocabulary each day for optimal results. Given the extensive array of words and phrases in our dictionaries, strategic choice is vital. Handpick words or phrases that align with your learning objectives.

3.Employ our Estonian frequency dictionaries for accurate translations and definitions

Every word in our dictionaries is coupled with an English translation, definition, and an IPA phonetic pronunciation guideline. This comprehensive package empowers you to grasp the full essence and the correct enunciation of each word.

4.Exercise the new words within a practical setting

Our dictionaries provide illustrative sentences, furnishing you with the context of the words' practical applications. Formulating your own sentences with the newly learned words and vocalizing them will enhance your overall retention and pronunciation skills.

5.Dedicate time for consistent review and repetition

Regular revisitation and repetition of new words and phrases will help etch them into your memory. It is beneficial to occasionally recap your list of newly acquired vocabulary, thereby solidifying your learning.


Adhering to these guidelines, you are set to make remarkable progress in augmenting your Estonian vocabulary with our Estonian frequency dictionaries. The intuitive layout of these dictionaries makes them an indispensable asset for any aspiring linguist. Don't wait any longer! Immerse yourself in the enriching journey of Estonian vocabulary enhancement with our Estonian frequency dictionaries today!