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How To Say “Basketball” in Spanish

Basketball is a popular sport around the world, and it's no exception in Spanish-speaking countries. However, the word "basketball" in Spanish can vary depending on the country or region you are in. In this article, we will explore the most common ways to say "basketball" in the Spanish language and provide some context for when to use each one.


The most basic way to say "basketball" in Spanish is "baloncesto." This is the most widely used term for the sport and can be used in most Spanish-speaking countries. For example, "Juego al baloncesto" (I play basketball) or "Voy a ver un partido de baloncesto" (I'm going to watch a basketball game).


Another way to say "basketball" in some Spanish-speaking countries is "basquetbol" or "basquet." This term is commonly used in Latin America, particularly in Mexico and Central America. For example, "El equipo de basquetbol de México" (The Mexico 's basketball team) or "Voy a practicar basquet" (I'm going to practice basketball).


In Spain, basketball is also known as "baloncesto", but it is sometimes called "basket" colloquially. It is a more informal term, and it is mostly used by the youth. For example, "¿Quieres jugar al basket? (Do you want to play basketball?)


In Argentina, another term that you can use is "básquet". This is another variant of "basquetbol" and is also used primarily in Argentina. It is also used in Uruguay and other countries. For example,  "La final de la Liga de Básquet" (The final of the basketball league).


In some Spanish-speaking countries, the term "pelota nacional" (national ball) is also used to refer to basketball. It is used to distinguish it from other sports such as soccer, which is often referred to as "fútbol" in Spanish-speaking countries. For example, "El pelota nacional es mi deporte favorito" (Basketball is my favorite sport).



"Basketball" in Spanish can be referred to as "baloncesto", "basquetbol" or "basquet", "basket" or "básquet" depending on the region or country you're in. Keep in mind that in some Spanish-speaking countries, "basketball" may also be referred to as "pelota nacional" to distinguish it from other sports. It's always best to pay attention to the regional use of terms and listen to the locals, as regional terms can vary greatly.

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