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Prepositions are one of the most essential words in any language but one of the hardest ones to master. But why? They are important because they show relationships between people, things, and places. If you use a preposition incorrectly, it can totally change the meaning of the whole sentence.

Why are they so hard to learn? Every language has its own unique prepositional phrases. You’ll never get far if you learn just one translation for one preposition.

In today’s article, you’ll learn how to say “with” in Italian. We’ll provide you with many example sentences to show you its usage in context. After reading our article, you won't have any problems with "with" in Italian.

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Saying goodbye is as important in any conversation as a standard greeting no matter how much you might dislike parting ways with someone you like. In our latest article, you’ll find out how to say goodbye in Italian in all kinds of situations.

You'll learn how to bid farewell to your friends or what to say in formal situations. But what if you want to tell someone to bug off? We'll teach you that as well!

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“To” is one of the most versatile prepositions in English. In today’s article you’ll learn how to say “to” in Italian. However, to tell the truth, there is no such thing in Italian as a single “to.”

Why is that? The English preposition has so many functions that it makes it impossible to translate with only one word. Does it indicate direction? Does it follow a verb or introduce an infinitive? Is it used with time expressions?

These are some of the most common contexts in which you would use “to” in English. We will teach the most common translations in Italian.

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Italian is considered by many to be the language of love. In our article, you’ll see that its reputation is well-deserved. You’ll learn all the essential phrases to help you express your feelings in this beautiful language.

Talking about love with your lover, family, or friends? It’s all here. Reminding your parents that you love them is important, but sweeping your love interest off their feet in Italian is just awesome.

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The many different ways of saying beautiful in Italian. You will learn

1. How to say beautiful in Italian
2. How to conjugate beautiful for each gender
3. The superlatives bellissima/bellissimo
4. Synonyms for beautiful
5. How not to use beautiful in Italian

And much more... click to read the article.

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