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Can you think of a more important phrase in any language than "thank you"? Probably not. It works wonders in any situation. Students usually learn it in the very first class of any language course. Italian is no different. In our article, however, you’ll find much more than just “grazie.”

No matter if you want to express appreciation to strangers, a little bit of sarcasm, or conclude a formal e-mail, we'll teach you all the important phrases.

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If you could choose only one verb to learn in a foreign language, most people would pick the verb “to be.” While it is important to learn to conjugate it in all persons, the third person singular is the most useful one to start with.


You can use it to describe things or talk about people. Actually, most people tend to overuse it. However, if you are a beginner in Italian, knowing how to correctly translate “is” will significantly improve your speaking skills.


In today’s article, we’ll teach you all the essential phrases, and you will see that saying “is” in Italian IS easy!

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There’s one thing a toddler has in common with a philosopher. It’s the need to constantly ask “why.” Knowing how to ask why in Italian can lead to countless fascinating discussions. No wonder so many great Roman philosophers lived on the Italian soil!

Moreover, asking curious questions in a foreign language means you may get a chance to practice speaking a lot. In today’s article, you will learn all the basics about how to ask why in Italian and other important question words.

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You can’t speak a language without prepositions. They’re such small words, but without them, communication would fall apart. Their correct use makes understanding much easier.

In our article, we’ll focus on one of the most common ones – “for.” You’ll get an explanation of several common phrases showing you the usage of “per," which is the most direct translation of “for.”

Communication with Italian native speakers will become increasingly easier as you learn more and more prepositional phrases. So, get ready for it!

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Everybody hates feeling helpless. One of the worst-case scenarios is not knowing where you are and being unable to figure it out. This is particularly true when you are abroad and don’t speak the local language that well.

In today’s article, you’ll learn all the essential phrases that will help you know your way around any city you’re visiting. This comes in especially handy if you end up in an emergency situation. Being able to ask in Italian how to get to a hospital or a public restroom can save lives or at least save you from embarrassment.

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