Portuguese Frequency Dictionary 2 - Intermediate Vocabulary

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Portuguese Frequency Dictionary 2 - Intermediate Vocabulary

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Intermediate Portuguese Vocabulary List: 2501-5000 Most Common Portuguese Words

This book is a follow-up of the Portuguese Frequency Dictionary - Essential Vocabulary. 

This book expands on the Portuguese word list of the first book in the Portuguese learning series. You will improve your vocabulary from about CEFR A2+ up to CEFR B2+ level. This frequency dictionary is intended for intermediate Portuguese students. 

If you know the 5000 most common Portuguese words, you will have a vocabulary similar to an adult native speaker who finished high-school.

You can express yourself with ease, and go about your daily life effortlessly. Shopping, small talk, and regular conversations are easy enough for you. You can read and understand virtually all radio and TV shows, websites, and the newspaper. Reading literature is still challenging, and discussing technical issues in-depth will have you looking for words. 

In technical terms: you can understand 89% of all spoken Portuguese and 85% of all written Portuguese.

You don't have to have read the 1st book in the series to enjoy this frequency dictionary. Any intermediate Portuguese learner will benefit from this book.

You can use this book as a stand-alone Portuguese course. You can also use it together with any other intermediate Portuguese lessons, courses or methods.

This book contains the 2501 to 5000 most common Portuguese words. The Portuguese word list is presented to you in a neatly organized manner.

• intermediate Portuguese vocabulary, with English translation(s).

• Portuguese words ranked by general frequency and alphabet.

• Frequency as part of speech (the most used adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc.)

• Portuguese to English example sentences.

• Phonetic spelling of Portuguese words (IPA phonetic transcriptions)

What is Inside This Portuguese Dictionary?

The basis of this dictionary consisted of over 1 million words. All raw data has been lemmatized and cleaned. We do not list conjugations of verbs and adjectives as separate entries. This book only lists only the root word, just like in a regular dictionary.

This Portuguese word list for intermediate students can roughly be divided into three sections:

  • 2500 Portuguese words, ranked by general frequency.
  • Frequency lists by part of speech: 
    • list of adjectives in Portuguese
    • list of adverbs in Portuguese
    • list of conjunctions in Portuguese
    • list of prepositions in Portuguese
    • list of pronouns Portuguese
    • list of nouns in Portuguese
    • list of common Portuguese verbs
  •  2.500 Portuguese words in alphabetical order.

Portuguese pronunciation can be challenging. We added phonetic transcriptions of Portuguese words, so you know how to pronounce Portuguese words right. The phonetic spelling of words is done with the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).


Intermediate Portuguese: Summary

The Portuguese Frequency Dictionary 2 – Intermediate Vocabulary gives you a high-frequency word list to learn intermediate Portuguese. Study the most used words to expand your Portuguese vocabulary rapidly. 

These high-frequency words are an excellent tool for intermediate Portuguese lessons.

This word list roughly covers CEFR vocabulary ratings from A2+ (advanced beginner) to B2+ (independent user).



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