A New Estonian to English Dictionary (For Learners)

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A New Estonian to English Dictionary (For Learners)

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A Different Type of Estonian To English Dictionary.

Looking for a way to improve your Estonian vocabulary, fast?

Take a look at a different kind of Estonian to English dictionary. This type of dictionary is based on how often you use a word. They are made for language learners of all levels. Not all words are of the same value. Some words, you will use way more than other words. That is why it is a good idea to focus on learning the most used words first. 

This four-book Estonian dictionary set will teach you all of the top 10.000 most common Estonian words. as well as detailed information about Estonian grammatical usage and how to correctly pronounce Estonian words using IPA phonetic spelling.

Why these type of dictionaries?


If you know the top 2500 Estonian words, you can understand about ~90% of all spoken Estonian, and ~85% of all written language. The top 5.000 words account for roughly 95 and 90 percent of the total, while the top 10,000 words account for 98 and 97 percent.

Keep in mind, there are approximately 150.000 words in current use in modern-day Estonian.  You can see that there are huge diminishing returns. It's better to first get a solid base vocabulary, and then to learn specific vocabulary relevant to your situation. Do you work in finance? Learn related terminology. Are you planning to study medicine abroad? First get a solid base vocabulary, and then study the appropriate words for your situation.

We carefully examine a large amount of text to compile a list of the most common Estonian words that you can rely on. We lemmatize all Estonian words (bring them back to their root, or dictionary form). We use state of the art AI to compile a reliable frequency list, and then manually check each item. Our books are based on both spoken and written Estonian vocabulary, so you’ll have a practical vocabulary you’re likely to use when speaking and listening, and reading and writing. 

Who will benefit of this type of Estonian Dictionary?

If you’re a beginner, than the first book, the 2500 most common Estonian words will be a great start for you. This is the base vocabulary you will need as a tourist, expat or while doing a foreign exchange program.

Our Estonian dictionaries are an excellent learning tool for anyone who has some knowledge before, but needs to fill in the gaps in their vocabulary. Maybe you learned Estonian before, years ago. In this case, a frequency dictionary is an excellent method to quickly get your vocabulary back. If you’re currently living in a country where they speak Estonian, you’ll find these dictionaries of exceptional help. You’ll constantly hear words you’re learning, and thus reinforcing them into your long term memory. 

But even if you're at home, these books are wonderful. Just put on your radio to Estonian talkshow and news channels, learn 10 word per day and feel your vocabulary improving by leaps and bounds.

They are also an excellent addition to any other language learning method or course, as they usually are very limited in teaching you further vocabulary than the base 500 words based on analysis of the top 5 language learning methods.

  • Bilingual example sentences. These sample sentences show you word usage in context, and they give you Estonian reading practice at the same time. 

  • IPA phonetic spelling.  So you always have an approximate idea ow to pronounce a Estonian word correctly. 

  • Printable eBook. Our e-books can all be printed on standard A4 paper. You can easily print specific pages to make vocabulary lists. 

  • Read anywhere, anytime. Our PDF eBooks can also be read on any PC, smartphone, or tablet.

  • Also in Paperback! Available from Amazon.

How does this Estonian and English Dictionary look like?

The Estonian - English Dictionary Set is divided into four books:

  • Book 1: Beginners
  • Book 2: Intermediates 
  • Book 3: Advanced students
  • Book 4: Near-fluent learners

Each book contains 2500 of the most important Estonian words, for a total of 10k. The layout of all the books is all the same. The only thing that differs is the vocabulary you’ll learn. You can divide the book into three parts. This is how the books are structured:

  • 1. General Frequency List
  • 2. Most Common Words per Part of Speech
        1. Adjectives
        2. Adverbs
        3. Conjunctions
        4. Prepositions
        5. Pronouns
        6. Nouns
        7. Numerals
        8. Verbs
  • 3.Alphabetical dictionary

  •  General Word Frequency.

    The general bread and butter of this Estonian to English Dictionary. You can find out how frequently each word appears in everyday Estonian in this section. We've compiled a list of the most common and direct translations. The IPA phonetics and whether the word is a noun, verb, or adjective are also displayed.

     Frequency per Grammatical Classification.

    The most frequently used words per Part of Speech. So you can target where you want to improve. Do you want to improve your ability to describe things? Discover more adjectives. Don't know where to put stuff? It's time to learn about prepositions. Do you need a little more action in your life? Study some more verbs. Don’t know what things are called? Learn some more nouns.Easy.

    Alphabetical Dictionary.

    All words are listed alphabetically from A to Z. This section covers the alphabetical word list, which includes grammar, translations, and the frequency ranking, so you can easily find the more detailed entry in the first part's general frequency list.

    How Many Estonian Words Do You Need to Know?

    It's important to remember that these figures and statistics can't be guaranteed, but they are the average of many different sources from around the world.

    According to research, different levels of fluency necessitate different amounts of vocabulary:
    • 250 words: the most important parts of a language. Without these words, you can't form sentences.

    • 750 words: those that every person who speaks the language uses on a daily basis.

    • You should be able to say everything you want in 2,500 words, but you may need to get creative.
    • A native Estonian speaker who has not attended college has a working vocabulary of 5,000 words. You will be able to understand roughly 90% of what is written in Estonian.
    • 10,000 words: the vocabulary of a college-educated native Estonian speaker.
    • To read, understand, and enjoy a novel by a well-known author, you must be able to passively recognize 20,000 words.

    Get your Estonian and English Dictionary now!

    Look no further than our Estonian to English Dictionary set. It is a comprehensive Estonian vocabulary program that will help you learn Estonian quickly and efficiently, no matter what your level is, on your own pace. Order yours now and start talking.