10,000 Most Common Portuguese Words

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10,000 Most Common Portuguese Words

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Effortless Portuguese Learning: Dive into the 10,000 most commonly used Portuguese words, organized by frequency and alphabet. This method is a solid foundation for quickly mastering the Portuguese language.


Essential Vocabulary: Our structured approach ensures you understand 99% of spoken language and 98% of written texts in Portuguese. You'll gain comprehensive knowledge that is both enlightening and engaging.


Phonetic Transcriptions: Our phonetic guide helps you pronounce Portuguese words accurately using the International Phonetic Alphabet, a valuable tool for learning Portuguese.


Example Sentences: Explore 10,000 Portuguese-English example sentences that demonstrate word usage and provide a feel for the language.


Immersive Learning: Discover new Portuguese vocabulary in context, as research shows that learning words in context leads to better retention and faster progress.


Natural Grammar Comprehension: Example sentences in our materials help you grasp Portuguese grammar and rhythm, crucial aspects for achieving fluency.


Parallel Text: Our materials offer extensive reading practice with approximately 230,000 words of Portuguese-English bilingual text, equivalent to three novels.


Accelerated Path to Practical Portuguese Vocabulary

Our series of books, color-coded for easy reference, cover a wide range of vocabulary:

Blue: Book 1: Beginner Level

Green: Book 2: Intermediate Level

Yellow: Book 3: Advanced Level

Orange: Book 4: Mastery Level


Key Benefits


  • Accelerate Portuguese fluency by focusing on the most frequently used words. Mastering essential vocabulary enables faster communication, which is a vital advantage for language learners.


  • Expand your Portuguese vocabulary and immerse yourself in the language efficiently. Example sentences in our materials familiarize you with grammar, sentence structure, idioms, and expressions.


  • Instant Accessible Reading Materials: Our PDF e-books can be accessed and read on any device, offering flexibility and convenience for learning Portuguese. All you need is a compatible PDF reader.


  • Our 60-day full money-back guarantee ensures customer satisfaction. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

Key Benefits


  • Accelerated Portuguese fluency through focused learning of the most commonly used words
  • Expanded Portuguese vocabulary with example sentences for better understanding of word usage and language nuances.
  • Instant accessibility to reading materials in PDF format for convenient learning on any device
  • 60-day full money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction


Key Features


  • Meticulously curated list of the 10,000 most common Portuguese words.
  • 2,500 Portuguese-English example sentences per book for contextual learning
  • Phonetic spelling for accurate pronunciation using the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • sorted the word list by frequency, alphabet, and part of speech for a structured learning experience.
  • Series of color-coded books covering different proficiency levels.
  • Comprehensive materials for immersive reading practice with parallel text


Portuguese-English Frequency Dictionary Series: Essential for Vocabulary Mastery


  • a carefully compiled list of Portuguese words with English translations, ranked by frequency and alphabet.
  • Catering to learners of different levels, from beginner to advanced proficiency.
  • Designed to guide you from CEFR A1 to C2+ levels.
  • Focus on high-frequency words, phonetic spelling, and example sentences.
  • Supporting your journey to master the Portuguese language.