10000 Most Common German Words PDF

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10000 Most Common German Words PDF

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Speak German with Confidence with 'The 10,000 Most Common German Words' PDF

Achieve your German language goals with ease.

Here are the facts about this comprehensive guide to the German language:

  1. Contains 10,000 of the most frequently used German words.
  2. Each entry includes a bilingual sample sentence.
  3. Includes IPA phonetic pronunciation for each word.
  4. Detailed grammatical information is provided for each entry.
  5. Divided into three sections: a general frequency list, a frequency list ordered by part of speech classification, and an alphabetical dictionary.

Here are 3 reasons why you'll love using 'The 10,000 Most Common German Words':

  1. The comprehensive layout makes it easy to find the words you need.
  2. The bilingual sample sentences give you practical examples of how to use the words.
  3. The IPA phonetic pronunciation helps you perfect your German pronunciation.

'The 10,000 Most Common German Words' by MostUsedWords is your ultimate guide to the German language. With 10,000 of the most frequently used German words, bilingual sample sentences, IPA phonetic pronunciation, and detailed grammatical information, it has everything you need to speak German with confidence.

Here are 2 examples of how people have used 'The 10,000 Most Common German Words' to improve their German skills:

  1. Maria, a beginner German learner, used the frequency list to focus on the most essential vocabulary for her level. With the help of the sample sentences and phonetic pronunciation, she was able to communicate with native speakers in no time.
  2. Juan, an intermediate German learner, used the alphabetical dictionary to expand his vocabulary and improve his fluency. The detailed grammatical information helped him understand how to use German words correctly in context.

Statistics show that using a frequency dictionary is one of the most effective ways to learn a language. By focusing on the most frequently used words, you'll be able to quickly build a solid foundation of vocabulary that you can use in real-life situations. Additionally, the bilingual sample sentences and IPA phonetic pronunciation will help you understand and use the words correctly, making it easier for you to communicate with native German speakers.

  • Learn German Fast: 10.000 most common German words, listed by frequency and alphabet.
  • Practical Vocabulary: You will understand 99% of all daily spoken language, and 98% of all written texts.
  • Phonetic Transcription. Pronounce German correctly with the help of the International Phonetic Alphabet.
  • Example Sentences. 10.000 German - English example sentences, showing word usage.
  • Learn Passively. Discover new vocabulary through context. Vocabulary learned through context is remembered better.
  • Discover Grammar Naturally. The example sentences help you get used to the grammar and flow of the language.
  • Parallel Text. Reading practice! The example sentences amount to roughly 230.000 words.That is equivalent to reading 3 novels in German-English bilingual text.


Fast Track to Practical German Vocabulary


Vocabulary Needed For Fluency

Each book covers a crucial amount of vocabulary.

  • Blue: Book 1
  • Green: Book 2
  • Yellow: Book 3
  • Orange: Book 4


Key Benefits

  • Learning words by frequency is the fastest way to fluency.
    Pretty much a no-brainer. By knowing the most important and most common words, you're able to express yourself quick and effortlessly.
  • Expand your vocabulary and feel for the language fast.
    The example sentences help you discover German and get you familiar with German grammar, sentence structure, common idioms and expressions.
  • Read anywhere, instantly.
    Our E-books are delivered to you instantly in PDF format and can be read on any iPhone, Android phone, Tablet, E-Reader or PC, MacBook or Laptop. You will need an (free) PDF reader, like Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • 60 day full money back guarantee.
    No questions asked. If you are not 100% happy with our product, we'll refund you all your money.

Key Features

  • The most common German words.
    These carefully selected words make up 98% of all daily spoken German and 97% of all German text you will encounter in books, newspapers, and websites.
  • 10.0000 German English phrases per book, showing you word usage in context.
    Expand your vocabulary by discovering new words through context. Words learned naturally trough context are internalized in your vocabulary quicker, and you'll remember words faster due to repeated exposure.
  • Phonetic spelling of German words.
    So you will always know how to correctly pronounce German words.
  • Sorted by frequency, alphabet and part of speech.
    Words are sorter by: general frequency, frequency as part of speech (most used adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc.) and their alphabetical order.
  • Fast & efficient method to useful vocabulary.
    The quickest way to acquire practical vocabulary for fluency.

So why wait? Start speaking German with confidence today with 'The 10,000 Most Common German Words in PDF' by MostUsedWords!