A Refreshing Stay at the Newly Renovated Adreesa Hotel, Chisinau

Recently, I had the pleasure of staying at the Adreesa Hotel in Chisinau, Moldova, and it was an experience that exceeded my expectations. Nestled in a prime location of the city, the hotel has undergone a significant renovation, transforming it into a haven of modern elegance and comfort.

Location: A Perfect Base for Exploring Chisinau The Adreesa Hotel is ideally situated in the heart of Chisinau, making it an excellent base for exploring the city's attractions. Its central location means that many of Chisinau's landmarks, restaurants, and cultural sites are within easy walking distance, offering convenience and a chance to immerse in local life.

Stylish Renovations with Comfort in Mind Upon entering the hotel, I was immediately struck by the stylish and contemporary renovations. The lobby exudes a welcoming and sophisticated ambiance, setting the tone for a pleasant stay. The renovation has clearly been carried out with meticulous attention to detail, combining modern aesthetics with functionality.

Rooms: A Blend of Luxury and Homely Comfort The rooms at Adreesa Hotel are a testament to thoughtful design and comfort. My room was not only spacious and impeccably clean but also tastefully decorated, featuring a harmonious blend of luxury and homeliness. The bed was exceptionally comfortable, ensuring a good night's sleep after a day of exploring the city.

State-of-the-Art Amenities for a Memorable Stay Every aspect of the hotel is equipped with the latest amenities, catering to the needs of modern travelers. The high-speed Wi-Fi was reliable throughout my stay, and the in-room entertainment options were a nice touch. The hotel also offers other facilities like a fitness center and a business lounge, although I did not use these during my stay.

Exceptional Service and Hospitality What truly sets Adreesa Hotel apart is the level of service and hospitality. The staff were friendly, professional, and went above and beyond to ensure that my stay was comfortable and enjoyable


Guests who have stayed at Adresa in Chisinau have shared a range of positive experiences, highlighting several aspects of their stay:

  1. Convenient Location and Amenities: One guest appreciated the hotel's convenient location, close to the center and main attractions, coupled with the availability of private parking and good breakfasts. They also commended the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff​


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  • Cleanliness and Spaciousness: Another visitor noted the central location of the property, emphasizing its cleanliness and spaciousness, which added to their comfort during the stay​

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  • Ideal for Exploration: A guest described their studio apartment as great, lauding its super convenient location which made it easy to access everything they needed. This convenience seemed to enhance their overall experience in Chisinau​

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  • Quality of Accommodation and Service: One reviewer mentioned the exceptionally clean and spacious apartments, centrally located for exploring Chisinau. They also praised the well-communicating staff and the comfort of the beds, ensuring a great sleep​

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  • Outstanding Staff and Facilities: A fifth reviewer was impressed by the amazing location of the hotel, the welcoming and helpful staff, and the cleanliness and spaciousness of the rooms. They also highlighted the fast and reliable Wi-Fi, which is often a concern in many hotels​


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    These reviews collectively paint a picture of Adresa as a top choice for travelers seeking a comfortable, convenient, and well-serviced stay in Chisinau.