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Even though prepositions are limited in number, they are vital to the meaning of any sentence. A misplaced preposition can completely change the context! “With” is one of the most common ones, and thus, it is essential to learn all the basic situations it is used in.

In today's lesson, we will look into the most common examples with the Spanish preposition "con" and explain its basic use. You will see that this tricky little word is rather big when it comes to making yourself understood.

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There are times when you feel like you couldn’t care less about something. But how to communicate it without sounding too blunt or insensitive? Learning several various ways to express “I don’t care” in Spanish will help you choose the correct phrase in any situation.

Is your friend getting really annoying because he or she keeps mentioning something of zero interest to you? Let them know! Or do you need to politely refuse responsibility for a problem? You’ll learn how to express that, too!

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Some claim that it is hard to say “I don’t know.” We will show you in today’s article that saying “I don’t know” in Spanish is not that hard.

You can stick to the straightforward “No lo sé.” However, there are a lot of different ways to express that you are not familiar with something. Why not learn a couple of these phrases, and then you can impress the person you are talking to with your eloquent language.

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Getting lost while exploring new places can be stressful. Not knowing where your traveling companions have disappeared all of a sudden can be a total nightmare. Learning how to ask a simple “where are you?” can save the day.

In Spanish, it isn’t as simple as in English as there are differences in the level of formality and singular/plural. Add in the tricky accent marks and suddenly, we are dealing with dónde/donde, a dónde/adónde, and even a donde/adonde.

It looks like forming such a simple question in Spanish can be as frustrating as not knowing where someone is. Don’t worry and read today’s article. You’ll find all the necessary explanations there. Asking where someone is will be a piece of cake no matter if you’re looking for your boss or your teenage daughter.

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Wishing someone a good day is a handy phrase to learn in Spanish. No matter if you say it to a new friend or a colleague, being sociable and communicative makes it easier to start friendships with native speakers.

There are various ways to bid a good day to someone in Spanish. You should always keep in mind that there are differences in a formal and informal register. In today's article, we'll cover all the essential phrases and use them to explain some tricky grammar issues.

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