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Don’t miss an important appointment ever again and learn how to say “when” in Spanish. Being able to discuss time is an important part of our daily communication.

Moreover, like “when” in English, cuando is not used only in questions. As a conjunction, it connects clauses and allows you to give more information about anything. Whenever you tell a story in Spanish, you’ll most likely need the word cuando. So, when will you start learning it with us?

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Don’t rely on the navigation app on your phone and learn all the essential phrases with “where” in Spanish. Getting lost somewhere and not speaking the local language is stressful. By learning to ask these simple questions with “where,” you can avoid all the drama.

On the plus side, using the Spanish dónde/where is not terribly complicated. In today’s lesson, we’ll also look into the conjugation of the basic Spanish verbs, such as ser and estar. Planning your travels will be a walk in the park from now on.

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Don’t overpay for things only because you’re a tourist! If you learn how to say “How much does it cost?” in Spanish, chances are the shopkeeper will warm up to you. You might even be offered a nice little discount!

In today’s article, you’ll learn many various phrases to ask how much something is worth. Shopping in Spanish-speaking countries will be a child’s play for you from now on.

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Mother’s Day pays tribute to the commitments that mothers make to their families. Let your mom know how much you care! However, saying just feliz día de la madre seems kind of sloppy. You can do better than that!

Yet, sometimes you can find it hard to express what is in your heart. Our article provides many useful phrases to inspire you. Now, you can make your Mother’s Day wish truly special and make your mom really happy.

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Mi nombre es Bond, James Bond. This is one of the most iconic introductions ever uttered. Introducing yourself to others is often your first chance to make a good impression on someone.

Choosing the right phrase in Spanish can often be confusing. You would introduce yourself differently at a job interview and differently when meeting a blind date for the first time. We’ll teach you all the essential expressions to choose from. So tell us more about yourself!

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