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How Track and Field Vocabulary is Used in Spanish

Track and field vocabulary in Spanish holds significant importance for athletes, coaches, and enthusiasts alike. Just as mastering any sport requires understanding its terminology, having a strong grasp of track and field vocabulary enhances communication and performance in this athletic discipline. In this article, we delve into the development and usage of track and field vocabulary in Spanish, the necessity of learning these terms for effective communication, and provide a comprehensive vocabulary list categorized for easy reference.

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Usage of Track and Field Vocabulary in Spanish

Track and field, known as "atletismo" in Spanish, encompasses various disciplines such as sprinting, jumping, throwing, and distance running. Over time, as the sport evolved, so did its associated vocabulary in Spanish. Spanish-speaking athletes, coaches, and commentators regularly use specific terms to describe techniques, equipment, events, and rules within the sport.

For instance, terms like "carrera" (race), "salto" (jump), "lanzamiento" (throw), and "velocidad" (speed) are commonly used to describe different aspects of track and field events. Similarly, terms like "pista" (track), "meta" (finish line), and "marca" (record) are integral to discussing competitions and achievements in the sport.

Learning Track and Field Vocabulary for Effective Communication 

Mastering track and field vocabulary in Spanish is paramount for effective communication within the athletic community. Whether you are an athlete, coach, commentator, or fan, understanding and using the appropriate terminology fosters clear communication and facilitates the exchange of ideas, strategies, and feedback.

Moreover, learning track and field vocabulary enables athletes to better comprehend training instructions, event regulations, and competition guidelines. Coaches can articulate techniques and provide constructive feedback more precisely, leading to improved performance and skill development.

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How to Use Track and Field Vocabulary in Spanish: Words and Sample Sentences 

Here is a Spanish-English track and field vocabulary list with some useful sample sentences:


  • Carrera de velocidad [IPA: /kaˈre.ɾa de be.lo.siˈðað/]: Sprint race
  • Carrera de vallas [IPA: /kaˈre.ɾa de ˈβa.ʎas/]: Hurdles race
  • Salto de altura [IPA: /ˈ de aˈl.tu.ɾa/]: High jump
  • Lanzamiento de disco [IPA: /lanθaˈmjento de ˈdis.ko/]: Discus throw
  • Carrera de fondo [IPA: /kaˈre.ɾa de ˈ]: Long-distance race
  • Salto de longitud [IPA: /ˈ de lon.ɡiˈtud/]: Long jump
  • Lanzamiento de martillo [IPA: /lanθaˈmjento de marˈti.ʎo/]: Hammer throw
  • Carrera de relevos [IPA: /kaˈre.ɾa de reˈle.βos/]: Relay race
  • Salto con pértiga [IPA: /ˈ kon ˈper.ti.ɣa/]: Pole vault
  • Lanzamiento de jabalina [IPA: /lanθaˈmjento de xa.βaˈlina/]: Javelin throw

Sample sentences:

  • Ganó la carrera de velocidad con un tiempo impresionante. (He won the sprint race with an impressive time.)
  • El atleta dominó el salto de altura con un salto limpio de 2 metros. (The athlete dominated the high jump with a clean jump of 2 meters.)
  • El equipo se prepara intensamente para la carrera de relevos. (The team is intensively preparing for the relay race.)


  • Zapatillas de clavos [IPA: /θa.paˈti.ʎas de ˈkla.βos/]: Spiked shoes
  • Barras de salto [IPA: /ˈ de ˈ]: Jumping bars
  • Disco de lanzamiento [IPA: /ˈdis.ko de lanθaˈmjento/]: Discus
  • Pértiga [IPA: /ˈper.ti.ɣa/]: Pole
  • Jabalina [IPA: /xa.βaˈlina/]: Javelin
  • Bloques de salida [IPA: /ˈblo.kes de saˈli.da/]: Starting blocks
  • Pizarra de salto [IPA: /piˈθar.a de ˈ]: Jump board
  • Faja de competición [IPA: /ˈfa.xa deˈθjon/]: Competition belt
  • Cronómetro [IPA: /kɾoˈnom.etɾo/]: Stopwatch
  • Barreras [IPA: /baˈre.ɾas/]: Hurdles

Sample sentences:

  • El atleta se colocó las zapatillas de clavos antes de la carrera. (The athlete put on the spiked shoes before the race.)
  • El disco de lanzamiento cayó más allá de la marca establecida. (The discus landed beyond the established mark.)
  • Los bloques de salida son ajustados para cada atleta según la posición. (The starting blocks are adjusted for each athlete according to their position.)

Techniques and Strategies

  • Carrera de impulso [IPA: /kaˈre.ɾa de imˈ]: Running start
  • Foul en el lanzamiento [IPA: /fawl en el lanθaˈmjento/]: Foul throw
  • Pasaje del testigo [IPA: /paˈsa.xe del teˈsti.ɣo/]: Baton pass
  • Zancada larga [IPA: /θanˈka.ða ˈlar.ɣa/]: Long stride
  • Técnica de lanzamiento [IPA: /ˈ de lanθaˈmjento/]: Throwing technique
  • Marca personal [IPA: /ˈmaɾ.ka peɾ.soˈnal/]: Personal best
  • Impulso en el salto [IPA: /imˈ en el]: Jumping momentum
  • Cambio de ritmo [IPA: /ˈ de ˈɾ]: Change of pace
  • Relevista [IPA: /re.leˈβis.ta/]: Relay runner
  • Táctica de adelantamiento [IPA: /ˈtak.ti.ka deˈmjento/]: Overtaking tactic

Sample sentences:

  • El atleta realizó una carrera de impulso para obtener más velocidad. (The athlete performed a running start to gain more speed.)
  • La atleta fue descalificada por un foul en el lanzamiento. (The athlete was disqualified for a foul throw.)
  • El equipo practica constantemente el pasaje del testigo para mejorar su coordinación. (The team constantly practices baton passing to improve their coordination.)


  • Línea de salida [IPA: /ˈ de saˈli.da/]: Starting line
  • Foso de saltos [IPA: /ˈ de ˈsal.tos/]: Jump pit
  • Zona de lanzamiento [IPA: /ˈθ de lanθaˈmjento/]: Throwing area
  • Círculo de lanzamiento [IPA: /ˈθiɾ.ku.lo de lanθaˈmjento/]: Throwing circle
  • Zona de caída [IPA: /ˈθ de ˈkai.da/]: Landing zone
  • Punto de medida [IPA: /ˈ de meˈði.da/]: Measurement point
  • Regla de los tres intentos [IPA: /ˈre.ɣla de los tɾes inˈten.tos/]: Three-attempt rule
  • Salto nulo [IPA: /ˈ ˈnu.lo/]: Null jump
  • Tiempo límite [IPA: /ˈtje.po ˈli.mi.te/]: Time limit
  • Peso del implemento [IPA: /ˈ del im.plɛˈ]: Implement weight

Sample sentences:

  • Los atletas se alinearon en la línea de salida para esperar el disparo. (The athletes lined up at the starting line awaiting the gun shot.)
  • El lanzador se posicionó dentro del círculo de lanzamiento. (The thrower positioned himself inside the throwing circle.)
  • El salto fue registrado como nulo debido a una falta en la tabla de despegue. (The jump was recorded as null due to a fault at the takeoff board.)

Recognition and Awards

  • Medalla de oro [IPA: /meˈða.ʎa de ˈo.ɾo/]: Gold medal
  • Medalla de plata [IPA: /meˈða.ʎa de ˈpla.ta/]: Silver medal
  • Medalla de bronce [IPA: /meˈða.ʎa de ˈβɾ]: Bronze medal
  • Podio de ganadores [IPA: /ˈpo.ðjo de ga.noˈɾes/]: Winners' podium
  • Trofeo de campeón [IPA: /ˈtɾo.fe.o de ka.mpeˈon/]: Champion's trophy
  • Diploma de reconocimiento [IPA: /diˈ de ɾe.ko.noθiˈmjento/]: Recognition diploma
  • Record mundial [IPA: /reˈkoɾ munˈdjal/]: World record
  • Mención de honor [IPA: /ˈmen.θjon de oˈnoɾ/]: Honorable mention
  • Premio al mérito deportivo [IPA: /ˈpɾe.mjo al ˈme.ɾ ðepoɾˈti.βo/]: Sportsmanship award

Sample sentences:

  • El atleta recibió una medalla de oro por su excepcional desempeño. (The athlete received a gold medal for his outstanding performance.)
  • La ceremonia de premiación se llevó a cabo en el podio de ganadores. (The award ceremony took place at the winners' podium.)

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Mastering track and field vocabulary in Spanish is indispensable for effective communication and performance enhancement within the athletic community. Whether you're an athlete striving for excellence, a coach guiding your team, or a fan cheering from the sidelines, familiarity with track and field terminology enriches your understanding and involvement in the sport. By embracing track and field vocabulary, individuals can engage more deeply with the intricacies of this dynamic and exhilarating discipline, ultimately contributing to their success and enjoyment in the world of athletics.

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