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How To Say "Too Long" In Spanish

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In the rich tapestry of languages, expressions often transcend borders, capturing the essence of emotions and experiences. For those looking to expand their linguistic horizons, understanding how to convey specific terms is crucial. In this article, we delve into the Spanish translation of the term "too long," analyze its meaning, and provide practical examples for seamless integration into conversations.

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What is "Too Long" in Spanish?

The equivalent phrase for "too long" in Spanish is demasiado largo (IPA: /deˈmasjaðo ˈlarɡo/). In some contexts, the adequate translation is demasiado tiempo (IPA: /demasjaðo ˈtjempo/)

Meaning of "Too Long" in Spanish

"Demasiado largo" expresses the idea that something has exceeded a reasonable or expected length, indicating that it is longer than necessary or desirable. This phrase can be applied to various contexts, such as describing the duration of an event, a piece of writing, a movie, or any other situation where an excess of length is perceived.

"Demasiado tiempo" encapsulates the essence of duration and serves as the go-to expression when conveying the idea of time being excessively lengthy. 

Synonyms of "Too Long" in Spanish

Here are some synonyms for the Spanish term "demasiado tiempo" along with their definitions:

  • Muy largo (IPA: /muɪ ˈlarɡo/): This simple phrase directly translates to "very long" and is used to express that something is excessively lengthy or extends beyond a reasonable or acceptable duration.
  • Excesivamente largo (IPA: /eksesiβaˈmente ˈlarɡo/): This term means "excessively long," emphasizing that the length of something surpasses what is considered appropriate or reasonable.
  • Muy extenso (IPA: /muɪ ɛksˈtɛnso/): Translating to "very extensive," this phrase conveys that the extent or duration of something is more than what is considered suitable or manageable.
  • Interminable (IPA: /inteɾmiˈnable/): This term means "endless" or "never-ending," indicating that something seems to continue for an extended period, often implying a sense of monotony or fatigue.
  • Prolongado en exceso (IPA: /prolonˈɡaðo en ekˈseso/): This phrase translates to "excessively prolonged," emphasizing that the duration of something is extended beyond what is considered reasonable.

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How to Say "Too Long" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "too long" in Spanish:

  • Esta película es demasiado larga.

(This movie is too long.)

  • La espera en la fila fue muy extensa.

(The wait in the line was too long.)

  • No deberíamos esperar mucho tiempo para recibir una respuesta.

(We shouldn't wait too long for a response.)

  • La reunión se prolongó demasiado tiempo.

(The meeting went on for too long.)

  • Esa explicación fue demasiado larga. Necesitamos una versión más corta.

(That explanation was too long. We need a shorter version.)

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In the intricate mosaic of language, each word carries a unique cultural and emotional weight. Understanding how to say the term "too long" in Spanish opens a gateway to effective communication, allowing you to navigate conversations with confidence and precision. With the right resources and practical examples at your disposal, the journey to linguistic proficiency becomes an enriching and rewarding experience. ¡Buena suerte!

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