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How To Say "To Swindle" In Spanish

If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to express the concept of "to swindle" in Spanish, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the various ways to convey this term in Spanish, shedding light on its meaning and providing you with essential examples.

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What is "To Swindle" in Spanish?

To express the concept of swindling in Spanish, you have several options at your disposal, each carrying its own nuance. Here are the most commonly used translations:

  • Estafar (IPA: /es.taˈfar/)
  • Engañar (IPA: /en.ɡa.ˈɲar/)
  • Timar (IPA: /ti.ˈmar/)
  • Burlar (IPA: /bur.ˈlar/)
  • Trapacear (IPA: /tra.paˈθ

Meaning of "To Swindle" in Spanish

These are the meanings of the above mentioned translations:

  • Estafar: This term encapsulates the act of deceiving or defrauding someone for personal gain. It is widely used in Spanish-speaking communities to convey the notion of swindling.
  • Engañar: While "engañar" can also mean "to deceive" or "to trick," it is frequently employed to denote swindling in a broader sense.
  • Timar: This term specifically implies the act of cheating or tricking someone out of their money or belongings. It is akin to "to cheat" in English.
  • Burlar: While "burlar" can encompass a range of deceptive actions, it can also refer to swindling when used in the appropriate context.
  • Trapacear: This term carries a connotation of using deceitful tactics or engaging in underhanded dealings to gain an advantage, making it fitting to describe swindling.

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How to Say "To Swindle" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "to swindle" in Spanish: 

  • Él logró estafar a varias personas con un esquema fraudulento.

(He managed to swindle several people with a fraudulent scheme.)

  • No te dejes engañar por las apariencias, siempre verifica la información.

(Don't be swindled by appearances, always verify the information.)

  • Aquel vendedor intentó timarme vendiéndome un producto defectuoso.

(That salesperson tried to swindle me by selling a faulty product.)

  • La banda de criminales logró burlar la seguridad y robar la joyería.

(The gang of criminals managed to swindle the security and rob the jewelry store.)

  • No apruebo el modo en que intentan trapacear en los negocios.

(I don't approve of the way they try to swindle in business dealings.)

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Mastering the ability to express the concept of "to swindle" in Spanish provides you with a valuable tool for effective communication. Whether you choose to use "estafar," "engañar," "timar," "burlar," or "trapacear," you now have a comprehensive understanding of these terms and their nuances. Remember to consider the context in which you are using them to ensure the most accurate conveyance of meaning. Happy communicating!

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