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How To Say "To Sweat" In Spanish

If you have ever found yourself in a hot, humid climate or after an intense workout, you are probably familiar with the sensation of perspiration. In Spanish, the term for this bodily function is vital to know for effective communication. This article will provide you with the essential knowledge of how to say "to sweat" in Spanish, along with its meaning and pronunciation.

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What is "To Sweat" in Spanish?

The Spanish equivalent for "to sweat" is sudar (IPA: /suˈðar/). It is a common verb used in everyday conversation to describe the natural process of the body releasing moisture through the skin in response to heat or physical exertion.

Meaning of "To Sweat" in Spanish

"Sudar" encompasses the entire process of perspiration, including the action and the resulting moisture. It is a versatile word, applicable to various contexts, from describing a strenuous workout to enduring a scorching summer day.

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How to Say "To Sweat" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "to sweat" in Spanish: 

  • Siempre sudo mucho durante mi trote matutino.

(I always sweat a lot during my morning jog.)

  • Ella suda profusamente en el sauna.

(She sweats profusely in the sauna.)

  • Durante el verano, todos sudamos mucho debido al calor.

(During summer, we all sweat a lot due to the heat.)

  • Él suda cuando se pone nervioso.

(He sweats when he gets nervous.)

  • Los atletas sudarán durante la intensa competencia.

(The athletes will sweat during the intense competition.)

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Mastering the term "to sweat" in Spanish opens up new avenues of communication and helps you navigate situations involving physical exertion and warm weather. With the knowledge of the word "sudar" and its correct usage, you will be better equipped to express yourself in Spanish-speaking environments. Practice the pronunciation and incorporate it into your vocabulary for seamless conversations. Stay cool, and remember, do not be afraid to sweat!

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