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How To Say "To Rush" In Spanish

When it comes to expressing urgency or haste in Spanish, it is crucial to know the correct terminology. The phrase "to rush" is an essential part of any language, and in Spanish, it can be conveyed through various words and expressions. In this guide, we will explore the different ways to say "to rush" in Spanish, along with their meanings and proper usage.

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What is "To Rush" in Spanish?

In Spanish, "to rush" is translated as apresurarse (IPA: /apresuˈrase/)darse prisa (IPA: /ˈdarse ˈpɾisa/)ir con prisa (IPA: /iɾ kon ˈpɾisa/)acelerar (IPA: /atθeleɾaɾ/), and correr (IPA: /koˈreɾ/). These terms are widely used and understood in Spanish-speaking countries.

Meaning of "To Rush" in Spanish

  • Apresurarse: This is a common and straightforward translation for "to rush" in Spanish. It directly conveys the idea of hurrying or moving quickly to complete a task.
  • Darse prisa: This phrase literally means "to give oneself hurry." It is a versatile way to express the need to act quickly in various contexts.
  • Ir con prisa: Translated as "to go with hurry," this phrase is often used when referring to the act of moving swiftly or urgently.
  • Acelerar: While this term primarily means "to accelerate," it can also be used to convey the idea of rushing in specific contexts, particularly related to speed.
  • Correr: The literal translation of "to run" can also be used in certain contexts to express the idea of rushing.

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How to Say "To Rush" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "to rush" in Spanish: 

  • Necesitamos apresurarnos para coger el tren.

(We need to rush to catch the train.)

  • Ella me dijo que me diera prisa.

(She told me to hurry up.)

  • Ellos van con prisa a la reunión.

(They are going with haste to the meeting.)

  • Él aceleró para adelantarse al tráfico.

(He accelerated to get ahead of the traffic.)

  • Tuve que correr para alcanzar el autobús.

(I had to run to catch the bus.)

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In conclusion, knowing how to say "to rush" in Spanish is essential for effective communication, especially in situations that require urgency. Whether you choose to use "apresurarse," "darse prisa," "ir con prisa," "acelerar," or "correr," understanding the nuances of each phrase will help you convey your message accurately. Practice these expressions in context, and soon you will be able to use them with confidence in your Spanish conversations.

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