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How To Say "To Pursue" In Spanish

When it comes to learning a new language, understanding how to express specific actions or concepts is crucial. One such term is "to pursue," which signifies the act of following or striving for a goal. In this article, we will explore the various ways to say "to pursue" in Spanish, along with its meaning and contextual usage.

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What is "To Pursue" in Spanish?

When it comes to translating "to pursue" into Spanish, you will discover that the language offers several alternatives, depending on the context and regional variations. Some common ways to express this term include perseguir (IPA: /peɾ.seˈɣiɾ/)buscar (IPA: /buˈskaɾ/)proseguir (IPA: /pɾoˈseɡiɾ/)seguir (IPA: /seˈɣiɾ/)cazar (IPA: /kaˈθaɾ/).

Meaning of "To Pursue" in Spanish

Understanding the nuances of these Spanish verbs for "to pursue" is crucial for effective communication. Here's a breakdown of their meanings and usage:

  • Perseguir: This verb implies chasing or pursuing someone or something physically. It can also indicate a relentless pursuit of a goal or ambition. For example, "el detective persigue al ladrón" means "the detective is pursuing the thief."
  • Buscar: While primarily meaning "to search," "buscar" can be used to express the pursuit of an objective or a passion. For instance, "ella busca la felicidad" translates to "she pursues happiness."
  • Proseguir: "Proseguir" suggests continuing or carrying on with a task, journey, or action. It is often used in formal writing or literature. An example would be "el escritor prosiguió con su obra" meaning "the writer continued with his work."
  • Seguir: "Seguir" generally means "to follow" or "to continue," but it can also be employed to express the idea of pursuing a goal or ambition. For example, "él sigue sus sueños" translates to "he pursues his dreams."
  • Cazar: In specific contexts, particularly hunting or capturing, "cazar" can be used to convey the concept of pursuing something or someone with the intention of catching or capturing. For instance, "el cazador persigue al ciervo" means "the hunter pursues the deer."

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How to Say "To Pursue" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "to pursue" in Spanish: 

  • La policía persigue al delincuente.

(The police pursue the criminal.)

  • Ella busca el éxito en su carrera.

(She pursues success in her career.)

  • Decidió proseguir con su viaje a pesar de los obstáculos.

(He decided to continue his journey despite the obstacles.)

  • El deportista sigue su sueño de ganar una medalla de oro.

(The athlete pursues his dream of winning a gold medal.)

  • El fotógrafo cazó la imagen perfecta.

(The photographer pursued the perfect shot.)

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Mastering the translation of "to pursue" in Spanish is a valuable skill in your language learning journey. With options like "perseguir," "buscar," "proseguir," "seguir," and "cazar" at your disposal, you can convey various nuances of pursuing goals, dreams, or even capturing moments in this beautiful language. Do not forget to explore the rich regional variations of Spanish, which can add depth and cultural insight to your language skills. Happy learning!

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