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How To Say "To Propose" In Spanish

Are you looking to express the sentiment of proposing in Spanish? Whether you are planning to pop the question or discuss proposals in a different context, knowing how to say "to propose" in Spanish is essential. In this article, we will explore the various ways to convey this action, analyze its meaning, and provide some sample sentences to help you practice.

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What is "To Propose" in Spanish?

The verb "to propose" translates to Spanish as proponer (IPA: /pɾopoˈneɾ/). This versatile word is used in a range of scenarios, from suggesting an idea to making a formal marriage proposal.

Meaning of "To Propose" in Spanish

Understanding the nuances of a word is crucial to using it effectively. Here is a breakdown of the meaning of the verb "to propose" in Spanish:

To Suggest or Put Forward an Idea: When you want to propose an idea or a plan, use "proponer":

  • Le propongo una nueva estrategia de marketing. (I propose a new marketing strategy to him/her.)

To Nominate or Propose for a Position: In formal settings, "proponer" is used to nominate someone for a position or role:

  • El comité propuso a María como presidenta. (The committee proposed María as president.)

To Offer or Extend an Invitation: When inviting someone, you can use "proponer" to extend the invitation formally:

  • Te propongo que vengas a nuestra fiesta el sábado. (I propose that you come to our party on Saturday.)

To Propose Marriage: In the context of marriage proposals, "proponer matrimonio" is the common expression:

  • Juan le propuso matrimonio a María en París. (Juan proposed to María in Paris.)

To Suggest a Course of Action or Solution: "Proponer" is frequently used to offer a course of action or a solution to a problem:

  • Ella propuso una forma alternativa de abordar el proyecto. (She proposed an alternative way to approach the project.)

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How to Say "To Propose" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "to propose" in Spanish: 

  • Yo propongo un nuevo proyecto para el equipo.

(I propose a new project for the team.)

  • Propusieron a Carlos para el puesto de gerente.

(They proposed Carlos for the position of manager.)

  • Ella propuso que todos salgamos a cenar.

(She proposed that we all go out for dinner.)

  • Él le propuso matrimonio en una hermosa playa.

(He proposed to her on a beautiful beach.)

  • Propusieron un enfoque innovador al problema.

(They proposed an innovative approach to the problem.)

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Mastering the verb "to propose" in Spanish, or "proponer", is a valuable skill for effective communication in a variety of contexts. Whether you are suggesting an idea, nominating someone, or extending an invitation, understanding the nuances of this verb will greatly enhance your language proficiency. Happy communicating!

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