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How To Say "To Omit" In Spanish

Learning a new language is always an exciting journey, and understanding how to express specific concepts like "to omit" in Spanish is an essential step. In this article, we will explore the various ways to convey this concept in Spanish, analyze its meaning, and provide you with valuable sample sentences to help you grasp it effortlessly. 

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What is "To Omit" in Spanish?

"To omit" in English refers to the act of leaving out or excluding something intentionally. In Spanish, this action can be conveyed through various verbs. Here are the most commonly used translations:

  • Omitir (IPA: /omiˈtir/)
  • Saltar (IPA: /salˈtar/)
  • Excluir (IPA: /eksˈklwir/)
  • Dejar fuera (IPA: /deˈxar ˈfwera/)

Meaning of "To Omit" in Spanish

Each of the Spanish verbs mentioned above carries a distinct nuance when it comes to omitting something. Let us break down their meanings:

  • Omitir: This is the most direct translation of "to omit." It is commonly used in both formal and informal contexts across various Spanish-speaking regions. It conveys a deliberate act of leaving something out.
  • Saltar: While "saltar" primarily means "to skip" or "to jump," it can also be used in the context of omitting. This verb might be more commonly used in certain regions, so it is important to consider the local dialect.
  • Excluir: This term translates to "to exclude." While it directly relates to omitting, it carries a slightly stronger connotation of actively keeping something out.
  • Dejar fuera: This phrase literally means "to leave out." It is a more explicit way of expressing the act of omitting, making it a suitable option in various situations.

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How to Say "To Omit" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "to omit" in Spanish: 

  • No olvides omitir los detalles irrelevantes.

(Don't forget to omit the irrelevant details.)

  • Es importante no saltarse ninguna etapa del proceso.

(It's important not to skip any steps in the process.)

  • Decidieron excluir a Juan de la reunión.

(They decided to omit Juan from the meeting.)

  • Vamos a dejar fuera los productos no conformes.

(We're going to leave out the non-conforming products.)

  • El informe omite mencionar el último experimento.

(The report omits mentioning the last experiment.)

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In conclusion, understanding how to convey the act of omitting in Spanish is a valuable skill for effective communication. Whether you choose to use "omitir," "saltar," "excluir," or "dejar fuera," being aware of the context will enhance your proficiency in the language. Practice these expressions in various contexts to solidify your grasp of this essential concept. ¡Buena suerte!

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