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How To Say "To Mortify" In Spanish

If you have ever come across the term "to mortify" in English and wondered how to express it in Spanish, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will walk you through the various ways to convey this concept in the Spanish language, providing phonetic transcriptions and sample sentences for a clear understanding.

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What is "To Mortify" in Spanish?

To start, let us delve into the meaning of the term "to mortify" in Spanish. "To mortify" can be translated as mortificar (IPA: /moɾ.ti.fiˈkaɾ/) in Spanish. This word carries a similar weight of embarrassment, humiliation, or discomfort as its English counterpart.

Meaning of "To Mortify" in Spanish

When we say "to mortify," we refer to the act of causing someone to feel extreme embarrassment, shame, or discomfort. It could involve public humiliation, self-inflicted discomfort, or any action that induces a sense of mortification.

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How to Say "To Mortify" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "to mortify" in Spanish:

  • No quise mortificarlo, solo quería hacerle ver su error.

(I didn't want to mortify him, I just wanted to make him see his mistake.)

  • Ella se mortificó al darse cuenta de su equivocación.

(She was mortified when she realized her mistake.)

  • El comentario desafortunado lo mortificó profundamente.

(The unfortunate comment deeply mortified him.)

  • Sentí una gran mortificación al tropezarme en público.

(I felt great mortification when I tripped in public.)

  • El jefe decidió mortificarlo frente a toda la oficina.

(The boss decided to mortify him in front of the entire office.)

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Understanding how to express the term "to mortify" in Spanish provides a valuable tool for effective communication. Whether you choose to use "mortificar" or opt for a synonymous phrase, you will be equipped to navigate situations where mortification is a key element.

Remember, language is dynamic, and context matters. So, choose the term that best fits the situation to convey your message with precision and sensitivity. Practice these expressions, and you will be well-prepared for any scenario where "to mortify" becomes part of the conversation.

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