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How To Say "To Marry" In Spanish

When it comes to expressing the act of getting married in Spanish, there are several ways to convey this concept. In this article, we will explore the various ways to say the verb "to marry" in Spanish, providing you with a comprehensive guide to help you navigate this important aspect of the language.

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What is "To Marry" in Spanish?

Before delving into the different ways to say "to marry" in Spanish. The primary translations include casarse (IPA: /kaˈsaɾse/)contraer matrimonio (IPA: /kontɾaˈeɾ matɾiˈmonjo/), and unirse en matrimonio (IPA: /uˈniɾse en matɾiˈmonjo/).

Meaning of "To Marry" in Spanish

Understanding the nuances of each term can be crucial, especially when navigating formal and legal contexts. Here is a breakdown of the meanings associated with the Spanish terms for "to marry":

  • Casarse: This term encapsulates the informal, everyday way of saying "to marry." It is the go-to expression used in conversations, among friends, and in casual settings.
  • Contraer matrimonio: This phrase emphasizes the legal and formal aspect of marriage. It is commonly used in official documents, legal proceedings, and ceremonies.
  • Unirse en matrimonio: Similar to "contraer matrimonio," this phrase also emphasizes the formal union of two individuals in marriage.

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How to Say "To Marry" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "to marry" in Spanish: 

  • Juan y María decidieron casarse el próximo verano.

(Juan and María decided to get married next summer.)

  • El notario oficializó la unión en matrimonio de Pedro y Marta.

(The notary formalized the marriage of Pedro and Marta.)

  • Después de diez años juntos, finalmente decidieron contraer matrimonio.

(After ten years together, they finally decided to get married.)

  • En esta ciudad, hay muchas parejas que se casan en primavera.

(In this city, many couples get married in the spring.)

  • Los hermanos gemelos se casaron con dos hermanas gemelas.

(The twin brothers married two twin sisters.)

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Navigating the terminology associated with marriage in Spanish can be a crucial aspect of language learning. By familiarizing yourself with the various expressions for "to marry" and understanding their nuances, you will be better equipped to communicate effectively in both informal and formal settings. Whether you are conversing with friends, participating in a legal ceremony, or simply discussing marriage, this guide provides you with the essential tools to express this concept accurately and appropriately.

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