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How To Say "To Do Homework" In Spanish

Are you struggling to express the concept of "to do homework" in Spanish? Understanding and using this term is essential for effective communication in the language. In this article, we will explore the various ways to say "to do homework" in Spanish, providing you with valuable insights and practical examples.

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What is "To Do Homework" in Spanish?

The term "to do homework" in Spanish can be expressed in several ways, depending on the region or dialect. Let us delve into the most common phrases used:

  • Hacer la tarea (IPA: /aˈseɾ la taˈɾe.a/)
  • Realizar los deberes (IPA: /ɾealiˈsaɾ los deˈβeɾes/)
  • Cumplir con los deberes (IPA: /kumˈpliɾ kon los deˈβeɾes/)
  • Trabajar en las tareas (IPA: /tɾabaˈxaɾ en las ˈtaɾeas/)
  • Estudiar en casa (IPA: /estuˈðjaɾ en ˈkasa/)

Meaning of "To Do Homework" in Spanish

Now, let us break down the meanings of the aforementioned phrases:

  • Hacer la tarea: This is the most common way to say "to do homework" in Spanish. "Hacer" means "to do" or "to make," and "la tarea" translates to "the homework" or "the assignment." So, "hacer la tarea" literally means "to do the assignment."
  • Realizar los deberes: "Realizar" means "to carry out" or "to perform," and "los deberes" refers to "the duties" or "the tasks." Therefore, "realizar los deberes" conveys the idea of "performing the tasks" or "doing the duties."
  • Cumplir con los deberes: In this phrase, "cumplir" means "to fulfill" or "to accomplish," and "con los deberes" translates to "with the duties" or "with the tasks." So, "cumplir con los deberes" implies "fulfilling or accomplishing the tasks."
  • Trabajar en las tareas: "Trabajar" means "to work," and "en las tareas" means "on the tasks." Therefore, "trabajar en las tareas" signifies "working on the tasks" or "doing the work related to the tasks."
  • Estudiar en casa: While not a direct translation for "to do homework," this phrase is commonly used to express the idea of studying at home, which often involves completing assignments. "Estudiar" means "to study," and "en casa" means "at home."

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How to Say "To Do Homework" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "to do homework" in Spanish:

  • ¿Ya hiciste la tarea?

(Have you done your homework?)

  • Los estudiantes deben realizar los deberes antes del examen.

(The students must do their homework before the exam.)

  • Siempre cumplo con mis deberes escolares.

(I always fulfill my school assignments.)

  • María está trabajando en las tareas de matemáticas.

(Maria is working on the math tasks.)

  • Prefiero estudiar en casa para concentrarme mejor.

(I prefer to study at home to concentrate better.)

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In conclusion, knowing how to say "to do homework" in Spanish is crucial for effective communication in the language. By familiarizing yourself with phrases like "hacer la tarea," "realizar los deberes," "cumplir con los deberes," "trabajar en las tareas," and "estudiar en casa," you will be well-equipped to express this concept in various contexts. Remember to practice these phrases and use them in your conversations to enhance your proficiency in Spanish. ¡Buena suerte!

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