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How To Say "To Defeat" In Spanish

If you are exploring the Spanish language, knowing how to express concepts like "to defeat" is crucial for effective communication. In this guide, we will delve into the Spanish equivalent of this term, providing phonetic guidance and practical examples for better understanding.

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What is "To Defeat" in Spanish?

In Spanish, the term "to defeat" translates to derrotar (IPA: /de.roˈtar/). This word encapsulates the action of overcoming an opponent or prevailing over a challenge. To grasp its usage better, let's explore its meaning in different contexts.

Meaning of "To Defeat" in Spanish

"Derrotar" is a versatile term in the Spanish language, encompassing various scenarios where victory is achieved over adversity. Here are some contexts in which you might encounter this term:

Sports and Competitions

  • El equipo local logró derrotar al campeón actual. (The local team managed to defeat the current champion.)

Battles and Warfare

  • Las fuerzas aliadas derrotaron al enemigo en una feroz batalla. (The allied forces defeated the enemy in a fierce battle.)

Overcoming Challenges

  • Después de años de lucha, finalmente pudo derrotar sus miedos. (After years of struggle, he was finally able to defeat his fears.)

Figurative Use

  • La voluntad y determinación pueden derrotar cualquier obstáculo. (Willpower and determination can defeat any obstacle.)

Political and Social Contexts

  • El candidato opositor logró derrotar al titular en las elecciones. (The opposition candidate managed to defeat the incumbent in the elections.)

Synonyms of "To Defeat" in Spanish

Here are some synonyms for the term "derrotar" in Spanish, along with their definitions:

  • Vencer (IPA: /benˈθer/): To defeat or overcome an opponent or obstacle.
  • Dominar (IPA: /do.miˈnaɾ/): To dominate or prevail over something or someone.
  • Ganar (IPA: /ɡaˈnaɾ/): To win or achieve victory over an adversary or situation.
  • Superar (IPA: /ˈɾar/): To surpass or exceed, often in a competitive context.
  • Triunfar (IPA: /tɾi.unˈfaɾ/): To triumph or succeed in a significant way.

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How to Say "To Defeat" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "to defeat" in Spanish: 

  • El equipo de fútbol logró derrotar a sus rivales en un emocionante partido.

(The soccer team managed to defeat their rivals in an exciting match.)

  • La estrategia militar fue crucial para derrotar al enemigo en la guerra.

(The military strategy was crucial to defeat the enemy in the war.)

  • A pesar de los desafíos, logró derrotar todos los obstáculos en su camino hacia el éxito.

(Despite the challenges, he managed to defeat all obstacles on his way to success.)

  • Con determinación y perseverancia, puedes derrotar cualquier adversidad.

(With determination and perseverance, you can defeat any adversity.)

  • La unidad de la oposición logró derrotar al partido gobernante en las elecciones.

(The opposition unity managed to defeat the ruling party in the elections.)

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Now armed with the knowledge of how to say "to defeat" in Spanish, you can confidently navigate various scenarios where this term might be applicable. Whether in sports, battles, personal challenges, or political contexts, "derrotar" encapsulates the essence of triumphing over adversity. Remember to practice and integrate this term into your vocabulary for seamless communication in Spanish-speaking environments. ¡Buena suerte!

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