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How To Say "To Decarbonize" In Spanish

Decarbonization has become a crucial term in discussions about climate change and sustainability. Understanding how to convey this concept accurately in different languages is essential for effective communication. In this article, we will explore the translation of "to decarbonize" into Spanish, providing phonetic guides and sample sentences for context.

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What is "To Decarbonize" in Spanish?

Decarbonize in Spanish is translated as descarbonizar (IPA: /des.kaɾˈθar/). This term encompasses the process of reducing or eliminating carbon emissions, a vital step towards combating climate change.

Meaning of "To Decarbonize" in Spanish

"Descarbonizar" is a compound word derived from "des-" meaning "remove" or "undo," and "carbono" which means "carbon." Together, "descarbonizar" conveys the action of removing carbon from a system or process.

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How to Say "To Decarbonize" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "to decarbonize" in Spanish:

  • El objetivo de la empresa es descarbonizar su proceso de producción.

(The company's goal is to decarbonize its production process.)

  • Los gobiernos de todo el mundo están implementando políticas para fomentar la descarbonización.

(Governments around the world are implementing policies to encourage decarbonization.)

  • Cambiar a fuentes de energía renovable es una estrategia clave para descarbonizar la economía.

(Switching to renewable energy sources is a key strategy for decarbonizing the economy.)

  • Los científicos están investigando métodos innovadores para acelerar la descarbonización de las industrias.

(Scientists are researching innovative methods to accelerate the decarbonization of industries.)

  • Las personas pueden contribuir a la descarbonización al reducir su huella de carbono.

(Individuals can contribute to decarbonizing by reducing their carbon footprint.)

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Understanding how to say "to decarbonize" in Spanish, or "descarbonizar," is crucial in global efforts to combat climate change. By effectively communicating this term, we can work together towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. Remember to use the provided phonetic guide and sample sentences for accurate pronunciation and context. Embracing decarbonization is a shared responsibility, and language plays a vital role in this collective endeavor.

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