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How To Say "To Check Out" In Spanish

When learning a new language, it is essential to understand common expressions and idioms used in everyday conversation. One such phrase that often pops up is "to check out." In this article, we will explore how to say this term in Spanish, providing you with the correct translation, its meaning, and practical examples for context.

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What is "To Check Out" in Spanish?

The English phrase "to check out" can be rendered in Spanish as comprobar (IPA: /kompɾoˈbaɾ/), verificar (IPA: /beɾifiˈkaɾ/), revisar (IPA: /rebiˈsaɾ/), irse (IPA: /iɾse/ or chequear (IPA: /ʧekeˈaɾ/), depending on the context.

Meaning of "To Check Out" in Spanish

The meaning of "to check out" in Spanish hinges on the specific word chosen and the context in which it is used. Here is a succinct breakdown of their meanings:

  • Comprobar: To check, confirm, or verify the accuracy or truth of something.
  • Verificar: To verify, especially in a formal or systematic manner.
  • Revisar: To review or inspect, often associated with documents, items, or physical spaces.
  • Irse: To leave or depart, indicating the act of checking out of a place or situation.
  • Chequear: To casually check or verify something, often used in informal settings.

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How to Say "To Check Out" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "to check out" in Spanish:

  • Comprueba si las respuestas son correctas.

(Check out if the answers are correct.)



  • Después de la reunión, me iré temprano.

(After the meeting, I will check out early.)

  • Nosotros nos vamos del hotel mañana.

(We're checking out of the hotel tomorrow.)

  • Chequea el correo antes de salir, por favor.

(Check out the mail before you leave, please.)

  • Voy a chequear si hay actualizaciones en el sitio web.

(I'm going to check out if there are updates on the website.)

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Mastering how to convey "to check out" in Spanish is an invaluable addition to your language repertoire. Grasping the subtle distinctions between "comprobar," "verificar," "revisar," "irse," and "chequear" empowers you to articulate yourself accurately in diverse situations. By considering context, formality, and conjugation, you will adeptly navigate conversations and written materials in Spanish, ensuring you employ the precise term to "check out" in any given scenario.

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