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How To Say "To Bury" In Spanish

When it comes to learning a new language, expanding your vocabulary is essential. If you are looking to express the action of burying something in Spanish, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the various ways to say the verb "to bury" in Spanish, along with its meaning and pronunciation. Whether you are planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country or simply want to enhance your language skills, this guide will be invaluable.

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What is "To Bury" in Spanish?

The term "to bury" in Spanish is translated as enterrar (IPA: /entaˈrar/). It is the most commonly used term across all Spanish-speaking regions. However, it's worth noting that there are a few regional variations that may be used in specific contexts.

Meaning of "To Bury" in Spanish

In Spanish, "enterrar" carries the same meaning as its English counterpart. It refers to the act of placing a deceased body in the ground or covering something with soil. Additionally, it can be used metaphorically to signify concealing or hiding something, whether physically or metaphorically.

Synonyms of "To Bury" in Spanish

Here are some synonyms of "enterrar" along with their definitions in English:

  • Inhumar (IPA: /inuˈmaɾ/): To bury a deceased body in the ground, usually in a cemetery.
  • Sepultar (IPA: /sepulˈtaɾ/): To inter or bury a deceased person in a grave or tomb.
  • Soterrar (IPA: /soteˈraɾ/): To bury or inter something or someone by placing it below the surface of the ground or another material.
  • Amortajar (IPA: /amortaxaɾ/): To wrap a deceased body in a burial shroud or winding sheet, typically before burial.
  • Poner bajo tierra (IPA: /poˈneɾ ˈbaxo ˈtjera/): Literally means "to put under the earth" and is used to refer to the act of burying.
  • Meter en el sepulcro (IPA: /meˈteɾ en el sepulˈkɾo/): To place something, usually a deceased body, into a sepulcher or tomb.
  • Cubrir con tierra (IPA: /kuˈbriɾ kon ˈtjera/): To cover something, typically a deceased body, with earth as part of the burial process.
  • Inhumar (IPA: /inuˈmaɾ/): Similar to "inhumar," this term also means to bury a deceased body in the ground, often in a formal or ritualistic manner.

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How to Say "To Bury" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "to bury" in Spanish: 

  • Necesitamos enterrar a nuestro perro en el jardín.

(We need to bury our dog in the garden.)

  • El cementerio es el lugar donde se sepulta a los difuntos.

(The cemetery is the place where the deceased are buried.)

  • Decidieron inhumar el tesoro en un lugar secreto.

(They decided to bury the treasure in a secret location.)

  • Después de la misa, procedieron a enterrar el ataúd.

(After the mass, they proceeded to bury the coffin.)

  • Las antiguas civilizaciones solían enterrar a sus líderes con grandes honores.

(Ancient civilizations used to bury their leaders with great honors.)

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Expanding your vocabulary in a foreign language is an exciting journey, and learning how to say "to bury" in Spanish is an important step. Remember that "enterrar" is the most widely used term, but alternatives like "sepultar" and "inhumar" exist. With the sample sentences provided, you will be well-equipped to use this term in various contexts. So go ahead, practice, and enhance your Spanish language skills!

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