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How To Say "Sculpture" In Spanish

Sculpture, as an art form, holds a special place in human expression, transcending cultures and languages. If you are curious about how to refer to this captivating form of art in Spanish, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explore various ways to say "sculpture" in Spanish, along with their meanings and pronunciation.

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What is "Sculpture" in Spanish?

In Spanish, there are several translation alternatives for "sculpture," each with its own unique nuance and use. These are the most commonly used terms: 

  • Escultura (IPA: /es.kulˈtu.ɾa/)
  • Estatua (IPA: /esˈta.twa/)
  • Talla (IPA: /ˈta.ʎa/)
  • Figura (IPA: /fiˈɣu.ɾa/)
  • Modelado (IPA: /mo.deˈla.ðo/)

Meaning of "Sculpture" in Spanish

To grasp the nuances of these terms, let us break down their meanings:

  • Escultura (IPA: /es.kulˈtu.ɾa/): The most widely used term for sculpture in Spanish, "escultura" refers to three-dimensional artworks created by carving, modeling, or assembling materials like stone, wood, clay, or metal.
  • Estatua (IPA: /esˈta.twa/): Specifically, "estatua" refers to a sculpture that represents a person, animal, or object and is usually created in the round, standing upright.
  • Talla (IPA: /ˈta.ʎa/): While also translated as "carving," "talla" emphasizes the process of shaping or carving materials like wood or stone to create a sculpture.
  • Figura (IPA: /fiˈɣu.ɾa/): "Figura" broadly denotes a three-dimensional representation or form, encompassing sculptures and other similar representations.
  • Modelado (IPA: /mo.deˈla.ðo/): This term refers to the process of sculpting or modeling, emphasizing the shaping and forming aspect of creating sculptures.

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How to Say "Sculpture" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "sculpture" in Spanish: 

  • Pablo Picasso fue un maestro en el arte de la escultura.

(Pablo Picasso was a master in the art of sculpture.)

  • El museo alberga una impresionante colección de estatuas griegas.

(The museum houses an impressive collection of Greek statues.)

  • El artesano pasó semanas dedicado a la talla de madera.

(The craftsman spent weeks dedicated to the carving of wood.)

  • La exposición incluye figuras abstractas que desafían la percepción.

(The exhibition includes abstract figures that challenge perception.)

  • El artista dominaba el arte del modelado en arcilla.

(The artist mastered the art of modeling in clay.)

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Understanding the various ways to say "sculpture" in Spanish provides a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of art and culture. Whether you are discussing a masterpiece by a renowned artist or admiring a local artisan's work, these synonyms offer a nuanced view of this timeless form of expression. So go ahead, engage in conversations about sculpture in Spanish, and let the beauty of this art form transcend language barriers.

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