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How To Say "Resisted" In Spanish

When it comes to expressing the concept of "resisted" in Spanish, it is essential to understand the various nuances and regional differences that may come into play. In this article, we will delve into the translation, meaning, and usage of the term "resisted" in Spanish, providing you with a comprehensive guide to mastering this adjective.

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What is "Resisted" in Spanish?

The Spanish equivalent for "resisted" is resistido (IPA: /'sti.ðo/). This term stems from the verb "resistir" which means "to resist". It is important to note that the Spanish language offers several variations and conjugations of this term, depending on factors such as tense and gender agreement.

When using "resistido" in plural contexts, you simply need to adjust the article and noun to reflect plurality. The plural form of "resistido" is resistido(a)s (IPA: /'sti.ðo(a)s/). For example:

  • Los desafíos resistidos. (The resisted challenges.)
  • Las tentaciones resistidas. (The resisted temptations.)

Meaning of "Resisted" in Spanish

In Spanish, "resistido" carries the same fundamental meaning as in English. It refers to the act of withstanding or opposing something, often in the face of adversity or pressure. This could be applied in a physical, emotional, or metaphorical sense, making it a versatile adjective in the Spanish language. Let us review now the usage of "resisted" in Spanish.

Resisting Temptation: In Spanish, you can use "resistido" to express the idea of resisting temptation. 

  • Ella ha resistido la tentación de comer chocolate todas las noches. (She has resisted the temptation to eat chocolate every night.)

Resisting Change: "Resistido" can also be applied to resisting change or transformation. 

  • El pueblo ha resistido los cambios modernos y conserva su encanto histórico. (The town has resisted modern changes and retains its historical charm.)

Resisting Pressure: Use "resistido" to convey the concept of resisting external pressure or influence. 

  • A pesar de la presión, él ha resistido y mantenido sus principios. (Despite the pressure, he has resisted and maintained his principles.)

Resisting Physical Force: This term can also refer to resisting physical force or attack. 

  • El escudo resistido por el guerrero le protegió del ataque enemigo. (The shield resisted by the warrior protected him from the enemy's attack.)

Resisting Illness or Infection: In the context of health, "resistido" can describe the act of resisting illness or infection.

  • Mi sistema inmunológico fuerte ha resistido todas las enfermedades este invierno. (My strong immune system has resisted all illnesses this winter.)

Synonyms of "Resisted" in Spanish

Here are synonyms for the term "resistido" in Spanish along with their definitions:

  • Soportado (IPA: /so.poɾˈta.ðo/): Endured or tolerated without giving in; sustained.
  • Aguantado (IPA: /a.ɣwanˈta.ðo/): Withstood or endured, often in a stoic or patient manner.
  • Mantenido (IPA: /man.teˈ Maintained or held up against pressure or opposition.
  • Sostenido (IPA: /so.steˈ Held up or supported against a force or pressure.
  • Padecido (IPA: /paˈ Experienced or suffered through, often implying a difficult or trying situation.

—Other noun, verb, and adjective forms of “resistant” (resistance, to resist, resisted, resistible) are analyzed in other blog posts.

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How to Say "Resisted" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "resisted" in Spanish:

  • El atleta ha resistido pruebas extremadamente difíciles en su carrera.

(He has resisted extremely difficult tests in his career.)

  • A pesar de la adversidad, ella siempre ha resistido con valentía.

(Despite adversity, she has always resisted with courage.)

  • Los soldados han resistido el ataque del enemigo.

(The soldiers have resisted the enemy's attack.)

  • La comunidad ha resistido unida ante la adversidad, demostrando su verdadera fortaleza.

(The community has resisted together in the face of adversity, showing their true strength.)

  • Su determinación será resistida por muchos, pero ella no se rendirá.

(Her determination will be resisted by many, but she will not give up.)

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Mastering the term "resisted" in Spanish opens up a world of expressive possibilities, allowing you to convey determination, fortitude, and the ability to withstand challenges. Understanding adequate synonyms can be invaluable. Practice incorporating "resistido" into your vocabulary, and you will find it to be an essential adjective in your Spanish language toolkit.

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