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How To Say "Notice" In Spanish

Are you curious about how to say the noun "notice" in Spanish? Perhaps you are wondering what is "notice" in Spanish or the meaning of this term in Spanish. In this article, we will unravel the mysteries surrounding this word, offering insights into its pronunciation and usage, and even providing some sample sentences to help you grasp its nuances.

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What is "Notice" in Spanish?

The Spanish word for "notice" is aviso(s) (IPA: /aˈ This noun is widely used across various Spanish-speaking regions, making it a valuable addition to your Spanish vocabulary. But let's dive deeper into its meaning and usage.

Meaning of "To Notice" in Spanish

When we talk about "notice" in English, we often refer to a written or verbal communication that conveys important information or news. In Spanish, "aviso" captures this essence. It can mean:

  • Announcement: "Aviso" can be used to refer to an official announcement or notification. For example, a notice from your local government might be called "un aviso gubernamental."
  • Warning: In contexts where you need to warn someone about potential dangers or risks, "aviso" can also mean "warning." For instance, a "no swimming" sign would be "un aviso de no nadar."
  • Advertisement: When discussing marketing or advertising, "aviso" can denote an advertisement or ad. "Vi un aviso en la televisión" means "I saw an advertisement on TV."
  • Message: In everyday conversation, "aviso" can simply mean "message." You might say, "Tengo un aviso en mi buzón." (I have a message in my mailbox.)
  • Noticeboard: In the context of physical or digital noticeboards, "aviso" can refer to a notice or post. "Colgué un aviso sobre la reunión en el tablón" means "I posted a notice about the meeting on the noticeboard."

Synonyms of "Notice" in Spanish

Here are some synonyms for the term "aviso" in Spanish, along with their definitions:

  • Advertencia (IPA: /að.βer.ten.ˈθja/): Warning. A statement or notice that conveys a potential danger, problem, or impending event.
  • Notificación (IPA: /ˈθjon/): Notification. The act of making something known or giving formal notice, often in written or verbal form.
  • Alerta (IPA: /aˈler.ta/): Alert. A state of vigilance or readiness to respond quickly to a particular situation or threat.
  • Amonestación (IPA: /ˈθjon/): Admonition. A formal or authoritative warning or reprimand, often given to advise against a certain behavior.
  • Comunicado (IPA: /ˈka.ðo/): Communication. A message or announcement transmitted to a wider audience, typically through various means like written, spoken, or visual media.
  • Anuncio (IPA: /anunˈθjo/): Announcement. A public statement or declaration made to inform or give notice about something.

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How to Say "Notice" in Spanish: Sample Sentences 

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "notice" in Spanish: 

  • Recibí un aviso sobre el próximo evento.

(I received a notice about the upcoming event.)


  • El aviso de peligro está cerca del borde del acantilado.

(The warning sign is near the edge of the cliff.)


  • Ella vio un aviso de la nueva película en la televisión.

(She saw an advertisement for the new movie on television.)

  • Dejé un aviso en tu buzón de voz. 

(I left a message on your voicemail.)


  • Por favor, revisa el tablón de avisos para consultar las actualizaciones de la reunión. 

(Please check the noticeboard for updates on the meeting.)

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In conclusion, "notice" in Spanish is "aviso." This versatile word can mean anything from an announcement to a warning, advertisement, message, or noticeboard post. Its usage is consistent across most Spanish-speaking regions, making it a valuable addition to your vocabulary.

By understanding the meaning of "aviso," you can confidently use this word in various contexts. Whether you are traveling to Spain, exploring Latin America, or communicating with Spanish speakers worldwide, "aviso" is a word that will serve you well in conveying important information effectively.

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