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How To Say "Mill" In Spanish

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Ever found yourself pondering the linguistic labyrinth of translating the term "mill" into Spanish? Fear not, as this article aims to unravel the mystery for you. From understanding the basic translation to exploring its nuanced meanings, we will delve into the intricacies of expressing "mill" in the Spanish language.

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What is "Mill" in Spanish?

The most appropriate Spanish translation of "mill" is molino (IPA: /moˈlino/). However, in some contexts, these translations can be properly used:

  • Fábrica (IPA: /ˈfaβɾika/)
  • Taller (IPA: /ˈtaʎeɾ/)
  • Molendero (IPA: /molenˈdeɾo/)
  • Rollo (IPA: /ˈroʎo/)

Meaning of "Mill" in Spanish

For a deeper understanding, let us explore the meanings behind these translations: 

  • Molino (IPA: /moˈlino/): This is the standard translation, referring to a building or device used for grinding, crushing, or pulverizing grains, seeds, or other materials.
  • Fábrica (IPA: /ˈfaβɾika/): In an industrial context, "mill" can be translated as "fábrica," referring to a factory where raw materials are processed or manufactured.
  • Taller (IPA: /ˈtaʎeɾ/): Sometimes, "mill" may be translated as "taller," especially when referring to a workshop where materials are processed or products are crafted.
  • Molendero (IPA: /molenˈdeɾo/): This term is specific to a grinder or miller, someone involved in the operation of a mill.
  • Rollo (IPA: /ˈroʎo/): In the context of metalworking, "mill" can be translated as "rollo," referring to a rolling mill.

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How to Say "Mill" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "mill" in Spanish:

  • Vimos un antiguo molino en el campo.

(We saw an ancient mill in the countryside.)

  • El molino de viento giraba con gracia en la colina.

(The windmill gracefully turned on the hill.)

  • Hay un pequeño molino en el taller.

(There's a small mill in the workshop.)

  • Necesito encontrar una panadería con molino tradicional para obtener harina fresca.

(I need to find a bakery with a traditional mill to get fresh flour.)

  • Javier y Lucía convirtieron el antiguo molino en un encantador café.

(Javier and Lucía converted the old mill into a charming café.)

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Expressing the term "mill" in Spanish involves more than a simple one-to-one translation. Understanding the nuances of the main and secundary translations allows you to communicate effectively in different contexts. Whether you are discussing traditional milling processes, industrial manufacturing, or metalworking, this guide serves as a valuable resource.

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