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How To Say "It Is Available" In Spanish

If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you need to express that something is accessible or ready for use, you will want to know how to say "it is available" in Spanish. In this guide, we will cover the translation of this phrase, delve into its meaning, and provide you with practical examples to help you use it confidently in your conversations.

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What is "It Is Available" in Spanish?

To convey the idea of availability in Spanish, you will use the phrase está disponible (IPA: /ˈes.ta ðis.poˈni.ble/). This expression effectively communicates that something is accessible or ready for use.

Meaning of "It Is Available" in Spanish

When you say "está disponible" in Spanish, you are indicating that a particular item, service, or option is accessible, present, and ready for use or purchase. It is a versatile phrase used in various contexts, from shopping scenarios to discussing the availability of resources or information.

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How to Say "It Is Available" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "it is available" in Spanish:

  • El libro que buscas está disponible en la biblioteca.

(The book you're looking for is available in the library.)

  • Este producto puede obtenerse en línea o en tiendas locales.

(This product can be obtained online or in local stores.)

  • La información está disponible para todos los empleados.

(The information is available to all employees.)

  • La película que quieres ver ya está disponible en streaming.

(The movie you want to watch is already available for streaming.)

  • Los recursos están disponibles para todos los estudiantes.

(The resources are available for all students.)

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Learning how to say the term "it is available" in Spanish is a valuable addition to your language skills. Remember, "está disponible" is the equivalent phrase, and it can be used in various contexts to indicate the accessibility or readiness of something. Practice the pronunciation and use the sample sentences to become more confident in incorporating this phrase into your Spanish conversations. ¡Buena suerte!

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