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How To Say Chicken In Spanish

Chicken is a common and versatile ingredient used in many dishes worldwide. However, when traveling or communicating with Spanish-speaking people, it is essential to know how to say "chicken" in Spanish. In this article, we will explore the different ways to say "chicken" in Spanish, its meaning, and regional variations.

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What is "Chicken" in Spanish?

The word for "chicken" in Spanish is "pollo" (IPA: /pɔ.ʎo/). It is a masculine noun and is used widely in Spain and most Latin American countries.

Meaning of "Chicken" in Spanish

In Spanish, "pollo" refers to the domesticated bird of the species Gallus gallus, which is commonly raised for its meat and eggs. The word is also used to refer to dishes made with chicken, such as "pollo asado" (roast chicken) or "pollo frito" (fried chicken).

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Translating "Chicken" to Spanish

To translate "chicken" to Spanish, you would use the word "pollo". Here are a few other translations you might find useful:

  • Hen = Gallina (IPA: /ga.ʎ
  • Rooster = Gallo (IPA: /ga.ʎo/)
  • Chicken breast = Pechuga de pollo (IPA: /pe.ˈtʃu.ɣa ðe ˈpo.ʎo/)
  • Chicken wings = Alas de pollo (IPA: /a.ˈlas ðe ˈpo.ʎo/)
  • Chicken soup = Sopa de pollo (IPA: /ˈ ðe ˈpo.ʎo/)

Regional Differences

As with any language, regional differences in Spanish can lead to variations in vocabulary and pronunciation. Here are a few examples:

  • In some parts of Spain, such as Catalonia, the word for "chicken" is "gallina" instead of "pollo".
  • In Mexico, the word "guajolote" is used to refer to a turkey, while "pollo" is reserved for chicken.
  • In Argentina, the word "pollo" can also refer to a young man or a coward, while "gallina" is used to refer to a chicken.

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How to Say Chicken in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences on how to say "chicken" in Spanish:

  • ¿Me pasas el pollo, por favor?

(Can you please pass me the chicken?)

  • Me encanta comer alas de pollo.

(I love eating chicken wings.)

  • Vamos a hacer sopa de pollo para la cena.

(We are making chicken soup for dinner.)

  • El restaurante sirve el mejor pollo asado.

(The restaurant serves the best roasted chicken.)

  • Ella pidió un burrito de pollo para el almuerzo.

    (She ordered a chicken burrito for lunch.)


In conclusion, "pollo" is the most common word for "chicken" in Spanish. However, there are regional differences, and in some countries, other words like "gallina" may also be used. Knowing how to say "chicken" in Spanish is essential when traveling or ordering food in a Spanish-speaking country. Use these sample sentences to practice and improve your Spanish-speaking skills.

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