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How To Say "Afraid" In Spanish

Learning a new language is an exciting journey, and one of the first steps is expanding your vocabulary. In this article, we will explore how to say the term "afraid" in Spanish, providing you with the correct pronunciation and the meaning of this essential word. Additionally, we will offer some sample sentences to help you grasp the usage of "afraid" in different contexts.

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What is "Afraid" in Spanish?

In Spanish, the term "afraid" can be translated as "temeroso" or "asustado," depending on the context. 

Temeroso (IPA: /temeˈroso/): 

  • This word is used to describe someone who is fearful or apprehensive.
  • It is commonly used in both Spain and Latin America to convey a sense of fear or anxiety.
  • Plural form: temerosos (IPA: /temeˈrosos/)

Asustado (IPA: /asuˈstaðo/): 

  • "Asustado" is another term used to express fear or being scared.
  • It is widely used throughout the Spanish-speaking world and is suitable for various situations.
  • Plural form: asustados (IPA: /asuˈstaðos/)

Meaning of "Afraid" in Spanish

Now that we have introduced the two primary words for "afraid" in Spanish, let us delve deeper into their meanings and nuances:

Temeroso: This term carries a sense of being cautious or wary. It implies a deep-seated fear or anxiety about a particular situation, often stemming from a genuine concern.

  • Estoy temeroso de caminar solo en el bosque por la noche. (I'm afraid to walk alone in the forest at night.)

Asustado: This term is more commonly used in everyday conversations to express a momentary or fleeting fear. It can describe someone who is startled or alarmed.

  • El ruido fuerte me ha dejado asustado. (The loud noise has left me afraid.)

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How to Say "Afraid" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "afraid" in Spanish: 

  • Estoy temeroso de volar en avión.

(I'm afraid of flying in an airplane.)

  • Ella se sintió asustada por la película de terror.

(She felt scared by the horror movie.)

  • Los niños estaban temerosos después de la tormenta.

(The children were afraid after the storm.)

  • No debes estar asustado de los cambios.

(You shouldn't be afraid of changes.)

  • Los perros suelen ponerse temerosos durante las tormentas.

(Dogs often get afraid during storms.)

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In conclusion, knowing how to say "afraid" in Spanish is a valuable addition to your language skills. Whether you choose "temeroso" or "asustado" depends on the context and your preference. Remember to practice these words in various sentences to become confident in using them effectively. With these tools in your language arsenal, you will be better equipped to express fear and anxiety in Spanish-speaking environments.

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