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How Tecnhology Vocabulary is Used in Spanish

In today's interconnected world, technology plays a pivotal role in our daily lives, shaping how we communicate, work, and navigate the world around us. As Spanish learners or individuals seeking to communicate effectively in Spanish-speaking environments, understanding technology vocabulary in Spanish is essential. In this article, we delve into the development, usage, and nuances of technology vocabulary in Spanish, providing a comprehensive vocabulary list to enhance your language skills.

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Usage of Technology Vocabulary in Spanish

Technology vocabulary in Spanish has evolved alongside advancements in digital innovation and globalization. From basic terms like "teléfono" (phone) and "computadora" (computer) to specialized jargon such as "ciberseguridad" (cybersecurity) and "inteligencia artificial" (artificial intelligence), the Spanish language adapts to incorporate new technological concepts and terminology. This linguistic evolution reflects the integration of technology into various aspects of Spanish-speaking societies, from everyday communication to professional domains.

Learning Technology Vocabulary for Effective Communication 

The usage of technology vocabulary in Spanish varies across different contexts, including informal conversations, academic discourse, and professional settings. In informal contexts, terms like "smartphone" and "redes sociales" (social media) are commonly used to discuss personal devices and online platforms. In academic settings, students may encounter terms related to STEM fields, such as "programación" (programming) and "ingeniería informática" (computer engineering). Moreover, professionals in tech-related industries rely on specialized terminology to communicate effectively about software, hardware, and digital solutions.

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How to Use Technology Vocabulary in Spanish: Words and Sample Sentences 

Here is an English-Spanish technology vocabulary list with some useful sample sentences:


  • Teléfono [IPA: /teˈ]: Phone
  • Llamada [IPA: /ʝaˈma.ða/]: Call
  • Mensaje [IPA: /menˈsa.xe/]: Message
  • Internet [IPA: /in.teɾˈnet/]: Internet
  • Correo electrónico [IPA: /ˈ e.lek.tɾoˈni.ko/]: Email
  • Red [IPA: /red/]: Network
  • Wi-Fi [IPA: /ˈ]: Wi-Fi
  • Conexión [IPA: /konexˈjon/]: Connection
  • Navegador [IPA: /na.βe.ɣaˈðoɾ/]: Browser
  • Enlace [IPA: /enˈlaθe/]: Link

Sample sentences:

  • ¿Puedes contestar el teléfono, por favor? (Can you answer the phone, please?)
  • Envié un mensaje con la información solicitada. (I sent a message with the requested information.)
  • La conexión a internet es lenta hoy. (The internet connection is slow today.)


  • Computadora [IPA: /kom.pu.taˈðo.ɾa/]: Computer
  • Software [IPA: /sɔftˈweɾ/]: Software
  • Hardware [IPA: /ˈhaɾ.dweɾ/]: Hardware
  • Archivo [IPA: /arˈtʃi.βo/]: File
  • Pantalla [IPA: /panˈta.ʎa/]: Screen
  • Teclado [IPA: /te.klaˈðo/]: Keyboard
  • Ratón [IPA: /raˈton/]: Mouse
  • Sistema operativo [IPA: /ˈɾaˈti.βo/]: Operating system
  • Memoria [IPA: /meˈmo.ɾja/]: Memory
  • Disco duro [IPA: /ˈdis.ko ˈðu.ɾo/]: Hard drive

Sample sentences:

  • Mi computadora se está actualizando. (My computer is updating.)
  • Necesito instalar un nuevo software para editar fotos. (I need to install new software to edit photos.)
  • ¿Puedes pasar el ratón por la pantalla? (Can you move the mouse across the screen?)

Social Media and Networking

  • Redes sociales [IPA: /ˈre.ðes soˈθja.les/]: Social media
  • Perfil [IPA: /perˈfil/]: Profile
  • Seguidor [IPA: /seɣiˈðoɾ/]: Follower
  • Publicación [IPA: /puβ.li.kaˈθjon/]: Post
  • Comentario [IPA: /ko.meˈn.ta.ɾjo/]: Comment
  • Me gusta [IPA: /me ˈɣus.ta/]: Like
  • Compartir [IPA: /kom.paɾˈtiɾ/]: Share
  • Notificación [IPA: /ˈθjon/]: Notification
  • Amigo [IPA: /aˈmi.ɣo/]: Friend
  • Mensajería instantánea [IPA: /men.saˈxe.ɾi.a in.stanˈ]: Instant messaging

Sample sentences:

  • ¿Has visto mi última publicación en redes sociales? (Have you seen my latest post on social media?)
  • Recibí una notificación de tu mensaje. (I received a notification about your message.)
  • Me gusta compartir fotos de mis viajes en mi perfil. (I like to share photos of my travels on my profile.)

E-commerce and Online Transactions

  • Compra en línea [IPA: /ˈkom.pɾa en ˈ]: Online purchase
  • Carrito de compras [IPA: /kaˈ ðe ˈkom.pɾas/]: Shopping cart
  • Pago seguro [IPA: /ˈpa.ɣo seˈɣuɾo/]: Secure payment
  • Tienda virtual [IPA: /ˈtjen.da βirˈtwal/]: Online store
  • Transacción [IPA: /tɾansakˈθjon/]: Transaction
  • Cuenta bancaria [IPA: /ˈkwen.ta βanˈka.ɾja/]: Bank account
  • Envío gratuito [IPA: /enˈβi.o ɣɾaˈ]: Free shipping
  • Descuento [IPA: /desˈkwento/]: Discount
  • Factura [IPA: /fakˈtu.ɾa/]: Invoice
  • Confirmación de pedido [IPA: /kon.fiɾ.maˈθjon ðe ˈpe.ði.ðo/]: Order confirmation

Sample sentences:

  • Realicé una compra en línea y seleccioné el pago seguro. (I made an online purchase and selected secure payment.)
  • ¿Puedo agregar este artículo a mi carrito de compras? (Can I add this item to my shopping cart?)
  • Recibí la confirmación de pedido por correo electrónico. (I received the order confirmation via email.)


  • Ciberseguridad [IPA: /θi.βeɾ.seɣuɾiˈðað/]: Cybersecurity
  • Contraseña [IPA: /konˈtɾɲa/]: Password
  • Hacker [IPA: /ˈakeɾ/]: Hacker
  • Virus [IPA: /ˈbi.ɾus/]: Virus
  • Firewall [IPA: /ˈfaiɾ.wol/]: Firewall
  • Protección de datos [IPA: /pɾo.tekˈθjon ðe ˈda.tos/]: Data protection
  • Ataque cibernético [IPA: /aˈ θi.βeɾˈne.ti.ko/]: Cyberattack
  • Phishing [IPA: /ˈfi.ʃinɡ/]: Phishing
  • Seguridad informática [IPA: /seɣuɾiˈðað in.formaˈti.ka/]: Computer security
  • Encriptación [IPA: /en.kɾip.taˈθjon/]: Encryption

Sample sentences:

  • Es importante utilizar contraseñas seguras para proteger tus cuentas en línea. (It's important to use secure passwords to protect your online accounts.)
  • Mi computadora está infectada con un virus. (My computer is infected with a virus.)
  • El firewall bloqueó el intento de acceso no autorizado. (The firewall blocked the unauthorized access attempt.)

Mobile Devices

  • Teléfono móvil [IPA: /teˈ ˈmo.βil/]: Mobile phone
  • Smartphone [IPA: /ˈsmaɹt.fəʊn/]: Smartphone
  • Tableta [IPA: /taˈble.ta/]: Tablet
  • Aplicación [IPA: /a.pli.kaˈθjon/]: Application
  • Pantalla táctil [IPA: /panˈta.ʎa ˈtak.til/]: Touchscreen
  • Auriculares [IPA: /au̯.ɾi.kuˈlaɾes/]: Headphones
  • Cámara [IPA: /ˈɾa/]: Camera
  • Batería [IPA: /ba.teˈɾi.a/]: Battery
  • Bluetooth [IPA: /ˈbluː.tuːθ/]: Bluetooth
  • Actualización [IPA: /ˈθjon/]: Update

Sample sentences:

  • Olvidé mi teléfono móvil en casa. (I forgot my mobile phone at home.)
  • Descargué una nueva aplicación para editar fotos. (I downloaded a new app to edit photos.)
  • Los auriculares Bluetooth se conectan automáticamente al teléfono. (Bluetooth headphones automatically connect to the phone.)

Programming and Development

  • Programación [IPA: /pɾo.ɣɾa.maˈθjon/]: Programming
  • Desarrollo web [IPA: /de.saˈɾoʎo ˈweβ/]: Web development
  • Lenguaje de programación [IPA: /lenˈɣwa.xe ðe pɾo.ɣɾa.maˈθjon/]: Programming language
  • Código [IPA: /ˈko.ði.ɣo/]: Code
  • Ingeniería de software [IPA: /in.xeˈne.ɾi.a ðe soɸˈtweɾ/]: Software engineering
  • Aplicación móvil [IPA: /a.pli.kaˈθjon ˈmo.βil/]: Mobile application
  • Desarrollador [IPA: /de.saˈʎo.βa.ðoɾ/]: Developer
  • Depuración [IPA: /depu.ɾaˈθjon/]: Debugging
  • Interfaz de usuario [IPA: /in.teɾˈfaz ðe uˈswaɾjo/]: User interface
  • Página web [IPA: /ˈ weβ/]: Web page

Sample sentences:

  • Estoy aprendiendo programación en mi tiempo libre. (I'm learning programming in my free time.)
  • El desarrollo web requiere conocimientos de diseño y programación. (Web development requires knowledge of design and programming.)
  • El ingeniero de software está trabajando en una nueva aplicación móvil. (The software engineer is working on a new mobile app.)

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Mastering technology vocabulary in Spanish is essential for effective communication, personal development, and professional success in today's digital age. Whether you are engaging in casual conversations, pursuing academic studies, or navigating the professional world, a robust vocabulary repertoire empowers you to express ideas, solve problems, and collaborate with others effectively. By familiarizing yourself with technology-related terms and phrases, you will enhance your language skills and broaden your opportunities for meaningful communication and engagement in Spanish-speaking contexts. Embrace the journey of language learning and embrace the limitless possibilities of technology vocabulary in Spanish!

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