The 10.000 Most Common Spanish Words


Set a goal to learn the top 10.000 Spanish words first. Out of the 300.000 words currently used in the Spanish language, these words are used the most. They allow you to understand around 97% written Spanish and 98% spoken Spanish.


This Spanish frequency list is an excellent addition to any method of Spanish study. This book covers all Spanish words from the very beginning, right through to the very end of the curriculum of any Spanish learner. It covers all Spanish words a student needs to know, from CEFR A1 (beginner) to C2+ mastery).


The 10000 most common Spanish words give you all the necessary words to master Spanish vocabulary quickly.  


The 10000 most common Spanish words come from a carefully selected text collection based on Spanish subtitles, online text, and other spoken and written media. It represents a practical corpus for both spoken and written Spanish carefully.


The set contains a Spanish vocabulary list. The Spanish frequency list contains the 10.000 most common Spanish words. You will get four books, with 2.500 of the most common Spanish words each. 



The Top 10.000 Spanish Words.

They cover all Spanish vocabulary a learner needs to know, covering both spoken and written language for everyday life use.


This book set is made for all students: beginners to very advanced students, and for everyone else looking to learn Spanish vocabulary fast. 


E-books. Straight from our website, click for customer reviews.


  1. Beginner Spanish - 2500 most common Spanish Words
  2. Intermediate Spanish - 2501-5000 most common Spanish Words
  3. Advanced Spanish - 5001-7500 most common Spanish Words
  4. Fluent Spanish - 7501-10.000 most common Spanish Words


You get a set discount on the 10.000 most common words with our eBook set: 4 Spanish Frequency Dictionaries in PDF.


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  1. Beginner Spanish - 2500 most common Spanish Words
  2. Intermediate Spanish - 2501-5000 most common Spanish Words
  3. Advanced Spanish - 5001-7500 most common Spanish Words
  4. Fluent Spanish - 7501-10.000 most common Spanish Words


4 Tips to Learn the 10.000 Most Used Spanish Words


Try to integrate learning the most used Spanish words with other courses, so you cover and multiply your learning rate. Ideally, you'd want to cover reading, listening, speaking, and maybe some writing. In that order of importance and difficulty for most people. Here are some tips:


1. Get our list of the 10.000 most common Spanish words.


If you want to learn Spanish fast, I suggest learning the most common words first and continuing from there.


Set yourself to learn just ten new words per day, and you will get your vocabulary up to conversational fluency in just 100 days. Get your list of the 10.000 most common Spanish words here.


2. Get an Audio Method.


Some audio courses out there will help you build your grammar and get you used to speaking and listening to a language. They help immensely towards conversational fluency. 


Listening to the audio alone will not make you fluent in Spanish. The only way to become genuinely articulate is by actually saying the words and phrases. However, listening is beneficial. You can then build your vocabulary through the repetition of words and phrases. 


When using the audio lessons, try to listen to the words and say them out loud to yourself to improve your pronunciation. Record yourself while you do this. 


3. Practice Passively with Spanish Netflix & Radio.


In addition, there are Spanish movies with English subtitles that you can watch. Watch Spanish Netflix. It is an excellent method to learn the language. You will learn a lot of words and phrases from the series. Put on talk show radio or Spanish podcasts during the day. 


Using these tips, you can increase your exposure to Spanish drastically. I usually have some talk show radio on in the background. I notice that I keep hearing vocabulary I learned the day before, so it is a great way to really internalize those freshly learned Spanish words. 


4. Learn the 80/20 Spanish Grammar.


I prefer audio methods for learning grammar, but if you need more information or detail on Spanish grammar, I do have a suggestion. Get a (short) book on Spanish grammar or even a 1-page cheat sheet, like Quickstudy's. Make sure you focus on learning the most useful and common grammar first. 




Set your goal to learn the 10.000 most common Spanish words. When it comes to (self)learning the Spanish language, the best way to learn is to start from the beginner stage and keep using the materials to help you improve your vocabulary and fluency.


Our frequency dictionaries contain practical Spanish word frequency lists. We have one for:



  1. Beginner Spanish vocabulary,
  2. Intermediate Spanish vocabulary,
  3. Advanced Spanish vocabulary,
  4. Fluent Spanish vocabulary,

Set discount: 4x Spanish frequency dictionary PDF - Top 10.000 Spanish words.


    1. Beginner Spanish Vocabulary,
    2. Intermediate Spanish Vocabulary,
    3. Advanced Spanish Vocabulary,
    4. Fluent Spanish Vocabulary,


    Once you start using the audio materials, you will find that you can already communicate using the Spanish language. 

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