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The 10,000 Most Common Dutch Words

Strive to learn the top 10,000 Dutch words. Out of the 300,000 words that are now in usage, these are the most commonly used words in the Dutch language. They support you in understanding around 97% of written Dutch as well as 98% of spoken Dutch. So, if you wish to speed up your learning progress and get good results, do your best to achieve this goal.

A well-screened Dutch frequency list is an excellent accompaniment to any Dutch learning strategy. This book covers every Dutch word from the beginning to the extreme of any Dutch learner's program. It contains all of the Dutch vocabulary that a learner should be familiar with (ranging from A1 (beginner level) to C2+ (advanced level).

To successfully understand Dutch, the 10000 most common Dutch words will doubtlessly help you as they feature all of the necessary vocabulary you need to learn.

Truly, the 10000 most common Dutch words are selected from a rigorously moderated source text that covers Dutch subtitles as well as other spoken and written materials. It comprehensively supplies pertinent data sources for both spoken and written Dutch.

Even so, the Dutch frequency list contains the 10,000 most frequently used Dutch words. You will be given four volumes, each of which contains 2,500 of the most commonly used Dutch words.

The Top 10,000 Dutch Words

All of the Dutch vocabulary that a learner needs to know for everyday use are present in this list. That includes written and spoken language.

This book series is clearly meant for all learners, from beginners to advanced students. It is also made for someone who wants to be familiar with the Dutch vocabulary.

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  • Beginner Dutch - 2500 most common Dutch Words
  • Intermediate Dutch - 2501-5000 most common Dutch Words
  • Advanced Dutch - 5001-7500 most common Dutch Words
  • Fluent Dutch - 7501-10,000 most common Dutch Words

    You will get a package discount on the 10,000 most common words if you purchase our eBook collection: 4 Dutch Frequency Dictionaries in PDF.

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  • Essential Dutch - 2500 most common Dutch Words
  • Intermediate Dutch - 2501-5000 most common Dutch Words
  • Advanced Dutch - 5001-7500 most common Dutch Words
  • Master Dutch - 7501-10,000 most common Dutch Words 
  • How Can You Learn the 10,000 Most Used Dutch Words?

    You can decide to learn the most used Dutch words successively with other learning tools to learn quickly and efficiently. Plus, you must focus on reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Follow these tips to learn Dutch more effectively:


    1. Be Well-Versed with the 10,000 Most Common Dutch Words Using Our Frequency List.

    If you want to master Dutch quickly, commence with the most common words and keep your pace.

    Try your very best to set a target of learning 10 new words per day, and you'll have a conversational vocabulary in just 100 days. Get your list of the 10.000 most common Dutch words here. 


    1. Continuously Listen to Audio Tutorials.

    There are several audio courses accessible to assist you in perfecting your grammar and getting comfortable talking and listening in the new language you are learning. They are incredibly useful for improving conversational skills.

    You will not, however, become an expert in Dutch by just listening to an audio lesson. Speaking the words and sentences is the only proven-effective way to become deeply fluent. Nonetheless, listening is beneficial. You can also increase your vocabulary by reiterating the appropriate words and phrases.

    If you wish to develop your pronunciation, attentively listen to the audio lessons and recite the words loudly. You can record a video of yourself while you are doing this task.


    1. Try to Watch Dutch Series on Netflix & Listen to Dutch Radio Programs.

    You may also watch Dutch series with English subtitles on Netflix. It is an extremely useful strategy for learning the language. This method will teach you a plethora of new words. Aside from that, you can listen to Dutch discussion programs on the radio in your free time or while you are doing something.

    You may be able to dramatically increase your involvement with the Dutch language by implementing these tactics. When I'm doing something, I usually listen to podcasts. Luckily, ever since I started to hear those words and sentences all the time, I've grown accustomed to them. Hence, I believe it is an excellent approach to learning new Dutch words.


    1. Know the 80/20 Dutch Grammar Rule.

    If you want to be more knowledgeable on Dutch grammar, you can buy an overview book or a 1-page study reference, such as Quickstudy. If you decide to do that, try to focus on mastering the most commonly used and essential grammar.




    Make a reasonable goal of learning the 10,000 most common Dutch words. When it comes to self-studying the Dutch language, the simplest approach to do it is to cover the basics first and then proceed to familiarize their vocabulary. You'll be fluent in no time with this approach!

    We are persistently publishing Dutch word frequency lists in our informative frequency dictionaries:


  • Beginner Dutch Vocabulary
  • Intermediate Dutch Vocabulary
  • Advanced Dutch Vocabulary
  • Fluent Dutch Vocabulary

  • Paperbacks:

  • Essential Dutch Vocabulary
  • Intermediate Dutch Vocabulary
  • Advanced Dutch Vocabulary
  • Master Dutch Vocabulary

    When you start using the audio materials, you will soon notice that you can communicate successfully in Dutch.

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