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How To Say "To Emulate" In Spanish

Mastering a diverse range of vocabulary is crucial for effective communication in any language. In this guide, we will explore the Spanish equivalent of the verb "to emulate" and delve into its pronunciation, meaning, and usage across different contexts. Whether you are a language enthusiast or someone aiming to communicate proficiently in Spanish-speaking environments, this article will equip you with the necessary knowledge.

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What is "To Emulate" in Spanish?

The term "to emulate" translates to emular (IPA: /e.muˈlar/) in Spanish. This verb conveys the act of imitating or striving to equal or excel another person's achievements, qualities, or attributes.

Meaning of "To Emulate" in Spanish

"Emular" encapsulates the spirit of competition and the desire to match or surpass someone's performance or accomplishments. It is a versatile verb that finds application in various spheres, from sports and academics to professional endeavors.

Synonyms of "To Emulate" in Spanish

Here are some synonyms for "emular" in Spanish, along with their definitions:

  • Imitar (IPA: /imiˈtaɾ/): To imitate or mimic, often with the intention of matching or surpassing a particular model or example.
  • Competir (IPA: /kompeˈtir/): To compete, to strive to outdo or surpass others in a particular activity, often in order to achieve a specific goal.
  • Igualar (IPA: /iɣwaˈlaɾ/): To equal or match, to attain the same level or standard as something else.
  • Rivalizar (IPA: /rɪvaliˈθar/): To rival or contend with, often in a competitive or confrontational manner.
  • Simular (IPA: /simuˈlaɾ/): To simulate or replicate, to create a likeness or representation of something.
  • Asemejarse (IPA: /asemeˈxaɾse/): To resemble or be similar to, to share qualities or characteristics with something or someone else.
  • Parecerse (IPA: /paɾeˈθeɾse/): To look like or be similar to, to have a similar appearance or nature.

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How to Say "To Emulate" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "to emulate" in Spanish: 

  • Él siempre se esfuerza por emular a sus modelos a seguir.

(He always strives to emulate his role models.)

  • La joven atleta aspira a emular los logros de su entrenador.

(The young athlete aspires to emulate the achievements of her coach.)

  • Muchos artistas buscan emular las obras de los grandes maestros.

(Many artists seek to emulate the works of the great masters.)

  • El objetivo del equipo es emular el éxito del año pasado.

(The team's goal is to emulate last year's success.)

  • Se anima a los estudiantes a emular la dedicación de sus compañeros a los estudios.

(Students are encouraged to emulate their peers' dedication to their studies.)

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Understanding how to say "emulate" in Spanish opens up a world of opportunities for effective communication, particularly when discussing aspirations, achievements, and personal growth. By familiarizing yourself with the pronunciation and usage of this term, you will be better equipped to convey your intentions and goals in Spanish-speaking environments. Practice and context are key, so do not hesitate to use "emular" in your conversations. ¡Adelante!

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