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How To Say "To Coincide" In Spanish

When it comes to learning a new language, understanding and using expressions that denote agreement or synchronization is crucial. One such term in English is "to coincide". In this article, we will delve into the Spanish equivalents of this term, exploring its meaning, analyzing its pronunciation, and providing some sample sentences for a better grasp.

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What is "To Coincide" in Spanish?

The term "to coincide" in Spanish translates to coincidir (IPA: /koi̯nθiˈðir/). This term is widely used and understood in Spanish-speaking countries. 

Meaning of "To Coincide" in Spanish

In Spanish, "coincidir" carries the same meaning as its English counterpart. It refers to two or more events or circumstances occurring at the same time or in the same place, by chance or intentionally.

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Regional References

While "coincidir" is universally understood across the Spanish-speaking world, it is worth noting that regional variations in accent and colloquial expressions may exist. For instance, in some Latin American countries, you might come across the term concordar (IPA: /kon.kor.ˈdar/) used in a similar context.

How to Say "To Coincide" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "to coincide" in Spanish: 

  • Las fechas de nuestras vacaciones coinciden este año.

(The dates of our vacations coincide this year.)

  • No puedo creer lo mucho que nuestras opiniones coinciden.

(I can't believe how much our opinions coincide.)

  • Los relojes coincidieron exactamente a la medianoche.

(The clocks coincided exactly at midnight.)

  • Espero que nuestros planes coincidan para el fin de semana.

(I hope our plans coincide for the weekend.)

  • A veces, los gustos de la gente coinciden de manera sorprendente.

(Sometimes, people's tastes coincide in surprising ways.)

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Mastering expressions like "to coincide" is vital for effective communication in any language. In Spanish, the equivalent term is "coincidir," and it is widely used across the Spanish-speaking world. With the provided insights, you will be able to seamlessly integrate "coincidir" into your Spanish conversations. Practice makes perfect, so do not hesitate to incorporate it into your daily interactions to solidify your understanding. ¡Buena suerte!

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