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How To Say "Dilation" In Spanish

When it comes to learning a new language, understanding technical terms can be a challenge. One such term is "dilation," which is crucial in various fields like mathematics, medicine, and physics. In this article, we will delve into how to say the verb "dilation" in Spanish, along with its meaning and usage in different contexts.

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What is "Dilation" in Spanish?

"Dilation" in Spanish is translated as dilatación (IPA: /dilataˈθjon/). This term is used to describe the process of becoming wider, larger, or more open. It is a fundamental concept in various scientific disciplines and has distinct applications in everyday language.

Meaning of "Dilation" in Spanish

In Spanish, "dilatación" is used to refer to both the literal and metaphorical meanings of the term. This includes:

Mathematical Dilation: Refers to the transformation of a figure's size without changing its shape. In Spanish, this is commonly used in geometry lessons.

  • La dilatación de este triángulo conserva sus ángulos. (The dilation of this triangle preserves its angles).

Medical Dilation: Describes the expansion or enlargement of a body part or vessel. This term is frequently employed in healthcare contexts.

  • El médico recomendó una dilatación de los vasos sanguíneos. (The doctor recommended a dilation of the blood vessels.)

Metaphorical Dilation: Represents the broadening or expansion of a concept, idea, or time frame.

  • La dilatación del tiempo en esta novela es notable. (The dilation of time in this novel is remarkable.)

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How to Say "Dilation" in Spanish: Sample Sentences

Here are five sample sentences you can use to say "dilation" in Spanish: 

  • La dilatación del metal con el calor es un fenómeno común.

(The dilation of metal with heat is a common phenomenon.)

  • El oftalmólogo realizó una dilatación de pupilas para examinarle los ojos.

(The ophthalmologist performed a pupil dilation to examine his eyes.)

  • Es importante comprender la dilatación del tiempo en la teoría de la relatividad.

(It is important to understand the dilation of time in the theory of relativity.)

  • Las dilataciones en el sistema de tuberías pueden causar fugas.

(Dilations in the pipe system can cause leaks.)

  • La dilatación de las arterias puede ser un indicador de problemas cardiovasculares.

(The dilation of the arteries can be an indicator of cardiovascular issues.)

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Understanding technical terms like "dilation" is crucial in various fields. In Spanish, "dilatación" serves as a versatile term with applications in mathematics, medicine, physics, and everyday language. By mastering this term, you open up doors to a broader understanding of these disciplines in the Spanish-speaking world. So, whether you are a student, a medical professional, or simply curious about the world of Spanish terminology, "dilatación" is a term worth adding to your vocabulary.

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