The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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short story - chapter book - 6th grade reading difficulty - graded reader - ESL book for students and adults

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Short Story)

F. Scott Fitzgerald's famous short story in English, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button book is now available in an easy-to-read format for modern readers, students, adults, and english learners It takes you to a world back in time, where time changes in strange ways.

Our new edition of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" isn't just a book; it's a gateway to adventure made just for people who want to learn English through the captivating power of short stories.

Why Choose This English Graded Reader?
  • 🌟 Simplified for Understanding:
    This ESL reader was carefully made to keep the original's charm while making the language and structure easier to understand. It's great for both new and experienced English speakers. The book is written at a 6th grade difficulty level.  
  • 📘 Interesting Chapter Book Format:
    This updated version of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" is easier to understand than ever before thanks to its short chapters and interesting story flow.
  • 💏 Great for People Learning English:
    Want to get better at English? What better way than through the magic of a short story in English? Our book is designed to help you learn the language in a way that is fun and interesting. English reading practice is one of the best ways to learn English vocabulary.

About the book "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"

Discover the mystery of Benjamin Button, a man who starts his life in a very strange way: he ages backwards. Because of this strange situation, he goes on a lot of adventures that make us think about time, love, and life in new ways. Fitzgerald's masterpiece is a great addition to any collection of short stories, whether you are learning English or have been reading for a long time. You can enjoy a classic story, learn new words, and understand how language is used in different situations all at the same time.

"A unique journey through a narrative that defies the very laws of nature, made even more enjoyable by the modern, reader-friendly language!" - [ Mom.]

6th Grade Reading Level

This book has a reading difficulty level of the 6th grade. This makes it suitable for 6th grade English level speakers, ESL students, and adults learning English. Please use your own judgment if this book is to be read by 6th graders.

MostUsedWords publishes short stories and classic books for 6th graders. Check us out if you’re looking for more good books to read for 6th graders.

English Language Reading Practice

Great for teachers, students, and people who love ESL books! Whether you’re learning English as a second language, or teaching English as a second language, you can benefit from the English reading practice these classic short stories bring you. These 6th grade reading level classic ESL short stories for students are the perfect books for ESL beginners and intermediates. As ESL short stories for adults, you'll find them equally enjoyable. They provide English reading practice while enjoying great classic books. It is a great way to learn to read English while reading fun English reading material.

Short Story: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Spend time in a world where fiction and learning come together and where fun and learning come together. Great for people who are trying to learn English, looking for a fun graded reader, or just want to read old stories in a new way. Get it now!