Flash Cards App

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Flash Cards App

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Lifetime access to all languages.

 Our app will be priced at 49.95 per month.

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All our frequency dictionaries, now as a flashcard method to learn new vocabulary.This is a spaced repetition application help you learn new words in a foreign language.

You'll learn important words, super quick and you will remember them when you need them.

We give you the opportunity for lifetime access to the most common words in all our available languages.

All our entries contain:

  • Frequency rank
  • Foreign words
  • English translation
  • IPA phonetics
  • Bilingual example sentences
  • Grammatical information


Our goal is to create these handy lists for all languages. Current languages include:

  1. Bulgarian
  2. Czech
  3. Danish
  4. Dutch
  5. Estonian
  6. French
  7. German
  8. Polish
  9. Portuguese
  10. Romanian
  11. Spanish
  12. Swedish

Available on:

  • android
  • windows
  • mac
  • ios

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