Bulgarian Frequency Dictionary 1 - Essential Vocabulary

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Bulgarian Frequency Dictionary 1 - Essential Vocabulary

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Learning Bulgarian for Beginners: 2500 Most Common Bulgarian Words

This Bulgarian frequency dictionary contains practical vocabulary for spoken and written Bulgarian. This book covers all essential Bulgarian words for beginners. It is suitable for anyone who wants to learn this beautiful language.

To help you become fluent quickly, the Bulgarian word list in this book contains:

  •     English translation(s)
  •     Bulgarian to English example sentences
  •     Romanization of Bulgarian words
  •     Stress marks for correct pronuncation
  •     Detailed Part of Speech information.

The Best Way of Learning Bulgarian?

Not all words are equally important. You use some words more than other words. The most common Bulgarian words are more important to know than the more uncommon words.

Research has shown that the 2.500 most commonly used Bulgarian words represent 92% of the total spoken language and 82% of all written Bulgarian texts.

This is quite remarkable. Out of the 300.000 Bulgarian words in current use, you only need to know the top 2.500 to be fluent enough to go about your daily life.

The secret to becoming fluent quickly is by learning the most commonly used Bulgarian words first.

And everybody can do it. If you learn only ten words a day, you will reach 2500 words in 8 months. That is enough vocabulary to be considered fluent!


What is Inside This Bulgarian Dictionary?

A well-organized Bulgarian word list based on the most commonly used Bulgarian words. It provides you with a structured way to quickly learn basic Bulgarian vocabulary.

This book offers you a simple but convenient way to learn Bulgarian, and provides you with the most common Bulgarian words and phrases.

All raw data was lemmatized. Some other "frequency dictionaries" list the conjugations of verbs and adjectives as separate entries. This dictionary does not. It lists only the root word.

All entries contain a Bulgarian to English sample sentence so that you can learn Bulgarian words in context. It will also help you by giving you Bulgarian reading practice. You will learn Bulgarian by reading the sample sentences, too.

The pronunciation of Bulgarian can sometimes be a challenge. Since you want to know how to pronounce words correctly, we have added phonetic transcriptions. We used the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to write words phonetically.

 You can divide this Bulgarian to English dictionary into three parts.

  •  The general Bulgarian frequency list. It provides you with the top 2.500 Bulgarian words, ranked by how often they occur.

  • Frequency ranking by part of speech. We give you a frequency list of Bulgarian nouns, adverbs, adjectives, verbs, prepositions, pronouns, numerals. This way, you can laser-target where you want to improve.

  • 2.500 Bulgarian words in alphabetical order. If you forget a word, and you want to look up its meaning. Take a look at the alphabetical dictionary in the back of the book.


Bulgarian Words for Beginners

The Bulgarian Frequency Dictionary – Essential Vocabulary gives you a list of basic Bulgarian words for beginners. It is the best way to learn essential Bulgarian vocabulary rapidly.

If you study the most-used Bulgarian words, you will quickly gain a practical, base vocabulary. These high-frequency words provide excellent lessons for beginner Bulgarian students.

This dictionary can be used as a standalone tool. You can also combine it with any other language learning courses, lessons, apps, audio methods, or books. This book roughly covers CEFR vocabulary ratings from A1 (absolute beginner) to B1 (adept).

Invest in this book, and invest in yourself. You will amaze yourself, your friends, and your family by how fast you're improving your Bulgarian fluency.

Series: Bulgarian-English (Book 1)
E-book PDF: 225 pages
Publisher: MostUsedWords.com (June 22nd, 2021)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-94-92637-66-6