5000 Most Common Greek Words PDF

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5000 Most Common Greek Words PDF

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Dive into the realm of Greek language learning with our priceless PDF format frequency dictionary, presenting the top 5000 most frequently used Greek words. Whether you're a novice beginning your linguistic journey or striving to enhance your proficiency, this comprehensive resource provides you with the essential tools for triumph.

Key Characteristics of our Greek Frequency Dictionary:

5000 Most Frequent Greek Words : Our frequency dictionary encompasses the 5000 most commonly utilized Greek words and phrases, rendering it a vital tool for language learners. With these words at your disposal, you can efficiently communicate in a variety of contexts and situations.

Bilingual Example Sentences: Each entry in our frequency dictionary features a bilingual example sentence, offering contextual usage examples for every word. This assists in comprehending language subtleties and cultivating understanding abilities.

IPA Phonetic Pronunciation: Greek pronunciation may be a hurdle, but worry not! We've incorporated IPA phonetic transcriptions for each word, allowing you to pronounce Greek words with confidence. 

Detailed Grammatical Information: Our frequency dictionary imparts comprehensive grammatical information for each word, such as its part of speech, gender, and number. This ensures a robust understanding of Greek grammar and promotes accurate word usage.

Three Sections for Seamless Navigation: To optimize your learning experience, our frequency dictionary is partitioned into three sections. The initial section displays a general frequency list, succeeded by a frequency list sorted by part of speech. Lastly, an alphabetical dictionary is included for prompt reference.

Explore the Greek Frequency List

Part One: Frequency List

This segment showcases the 5000 most commonly used Greek words, structured based on their frequency of usage in the language. Each entry comes with an IPA phonetic transcription, providing exact guidance on pronunciation. Also, example sentences illustrate the practical application of Greek words. Additionally, the grammatical category of each word (e.g., verb, noun, pronoun, adjective) is specified.

By Frequency of Part of Speech:

Furthermore, we've classified the most frequent Greek words according to their corresponding parts of speech, empowering you to target particular areas for vocabulary growth. The ensuing categories are included:

  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Conjunctions
  • Pronouns
  • Prepositions
  • Nouns
  • Numerals
  • Verbs

By Alphabet:

In case you need to reference a specific term, our dictionary incorporates a conventional A-Z section at the end of the book. It furnishes an accessible means of locating and comprehending the desired word.

Unleash the Potential of Greek Language Learning:

Regardless of your objective, be it participating in Greek dialogues or improving your reading and writing abilities, our frequency dictionary is the paramount tool for your journey. The efficacy of our method is underscored by statistical data, demonstrating that learning the most common words in a language significantly amplifies proficiency.


If you're passionate about learning Greek, our frequency dictionary, displaying the 5000 most common Greek words in PDF format, is your perfect learning ally. With bilingual example sentences, IPA phonetic pronunciation, detailed grammatical data, and easy navigation through three well-arranged sections, you're equipped with all the necessary assets for triumph. Don't hesitate! Download our frequency dictionary now and initiate your Greek learning odyssey!