Learn German by Reading

Inclusive Content: This series includes the 10,000 most regularly used words and phrases in German. Focus on the terms that are frequently encountered in day-to-day discussions.

Unique Characteristics: Each section contains an example sentence in both German and English, an IPA phonetic guide for precise pronunciation, and comprehensive grammar explanations.

Effective Organization: The series is divided into three accessible segments to streamline your vocabulary search.

General Frequency List

Ideal for novices and those desiring to get acquainted with commonly spoken words.

Part of Speech Frequency List

Optimized for intermediate and advanced learners to concentrate on specific parts of speech like verbs, adjectives, and more.

Alphabetical Dictionary

Constructed for advanced and nearly fluent learners to swiftly look up unfamiliar words and enhance vocabulary across a myriad of topics.

Starting with the most frequent words will expedite your conversational fluency with native speakers. You can quickly engage in simple chats and gradually advance to more intricate and thoughtful conversations.

Additional Techniques for German Fluency

Bilingual Books: Hone your reading and comprehension skills at your leisure with bilingual books. These offer narratives or articles in German with English translations, ensuring accurate comprehension.

German Audio Lessons: Improve your listening and speaking capabilities. Repeating your speech and listening to native German speakers enhances your pronunciation and comfort in conversations.

Immersion: Submerge yourself in German TV and radio broadcasts. Regular exposure to native German dialogues will make you familiar with the language's rhythm and sound, making it easier to speak like a local.

To sum up, the Learn German by Reading series is your comprehensive resource for advancing your German vocabulary. With a focus on common words and phrases, you'll swiftly broaden your vocabulary and engage in conversations with native speakers.