Estonian Reading

Estonian, a language rich in history and unique in its phonetic charm, is spoken by over 1 million people across the world. The journey to attaining proficiency in Estonian is made smoother with the consistent practice of reading. Engaging with Estonian written materials is not only a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with its vocabulary, grammar, and rhythm, but also provides an intriguing peek into the vibrant Estonian culture. This article discusses the numerous advantages of Estonian reading, presents a variety of appropriate reading resources, and offers strategic advice for making the most of your Estonian reading venture.

The Perks of Reading in Estonian:

  1. Expanding your Lexical Database: Consistent exposure to Estonian through reading will introduce you to a spectrum of new expressions and words that might not feature in your regular Estonian language course.

  1. Grammar Internalization: Regularly interacting with Estonian texts offers you an opportunity to see grammar rules come alive. This exposure aids in comprehending patterns that would ultimately enhance your fluency in Estonian.

  1. Boosting Confidence: Familiarity with Estonian phrases and words seen previously breeds confidence in your ability to understand and express in the language.

  1. Cultural Immersion: Estonian books, e-books, and online articles present a window into the customs, traditions, and belief systems of the Estonian people.

  1. Improving Comprehension: Regular reading exercises in Estonian gradually sharpen your ability to understand complex texts, using cues from the context to decipher meanings.

Suggested Reading Materials in Estonian:

  1. Bilingual Books: Ideal for beginners, these books offer Estonian text side-by-side with English translations. This aids in understanding and reduces the language learning anxiety.

  1. Estonian Literature: Reading works of fiction and non-fiction in Estonian will allow you to experience the language in its authentic form, teaching you nuances that can often be overlooked in textbooks.

  1. Online Estonian News Portals and Blogs: Staying updated with Estonian news and popular blog posts will not only make you more aware of the current affairs in Estonia but will also boost your reading speed and comprehension.

  1. Estonian Children's Books: Especially for beginners, children's books are an appealing way to start, thanks to their simpler language and captivating narratives.

Techniques for a Fulfilling Estonian Reading Experience:

  1. Consistent Practice: Daily reading in Estonian, even if only for a few minutes, can yield remarkable progress over time.

  1. Use of a Dictionary: Using a dictionary to look up unfamiliar words will enrich your vocabulary and enhance your understanding of the language.

  1. Recording Important Phrases: Jot down interesting phrases or idioms that you come across while reading. This will help reinforce your memory and allow for a better grasp of the language.

Handy Tools for Estonian Reading:

  1. Frequency Dictionaries: These resources list words based on their frequency in a language. Focusing on the most common Estonian words can significantly bolster your reading abilities. Frequency dictionaries often include example sentences, enhancing your understanding of the language in diverse contexts.

  1. Bilingual Books: Offering side-by-side Estonian and English texts, bilingual books help you easily comprehend and learn the language. Always choose a book that aligns with your proficiency level and interests to ensure the reading process is engaging.


Refining your Estonian reading skills is a vital part of your journey to proficiency in the language. By employing resources like frequency dictionaries and bilingual books, you can elevate your reading skills to new heights. So, select the approach that resonates with your learning style and embark on your Estonian reading adventure today!